Man Banned from Disney for life

Man banned from Disney

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A Man was Banned from Disney for life.

Adam The Woo was banned from Disney for life. He has been know for posting videos from backstage employee only areas, closed attractions, and restricted areas. A Disney spokeswoman says, “they take matters like this seriously and filed a trespass warning against Adam because he deliberately entered unauthorized areas several times before.”

People that break into buildings, climb over fences on private property, and go into restricted areas call it Urban Exploring. Disney calls it trespassing and takes it very seriously.

Escape from Tomorrow – Also was filmed entirely in secret on Disney property without Disney’s knowledge appeared at the Sundance Festival.

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Author: Steve Griswold

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  1. urban explorers dont break into buildings, they only break silence, take nothing but photos and leave nothing but footprints. do your homework.

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  2. People entering restricted areas are committing trespass. It’s that simple. If you trespass you can be prosecuted and Disney has every right to prosecute them.

    Disney is also having to waste time and money with fools like this. Their security staff is having to deal with this which takes time away from their regular job. Maybe you would think differently nomeus if these people did some urban exploring in your home if you left the door unlocked and then made a movie that was damaging to you. They only are “breaking the silence”, everyone should be able to explore your home or are you hiding something. These people are trespassing, some in restricted closed areas, some in restricted active work areas.

    Own up to your actions and don’t try and blame everyone else for what you did wrong.

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  3. I totally understand why Disney would ban someone due to the actions that restrict the public from certain areas….but I feel that Disney is going to have a really difficult time trying to keep him off the property…..You have too many people who may not know who this guy is and trying to keep one person out of WDW is going to be extremely difficult to do.

    Good luck with this Disney…..Is this going to cause WDW Security to revamp what they do as far as trespassers on Disney Property?

    Just my 2 cents worth…….

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