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We reach into our Mouse Chat listener mail bag this week.

Epcot – Have you ever wanted to see Future World and World Showcase with some new rides and attractions? We look at what is at EPCOT now and what could be.

Disneyland – If you were only able to go to Disneyland in CA once, would you stay at a Disneyland resort on property or save some money and stay offsite but close to Disneyland? We discuss the advantages and disadvantages to both.

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Author: Steve Griswold

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  1. I want to take Captain EO leave and Take Phineas and Ferb 3D movie instead!

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  2. I think they should keep the Memory Wall, but not at Epcot. Move it to Downtown Disney behind Circ or to some other spot.

    I would love to see Brazil in the World Showcase. Put it in between China and Germany.

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    • Agree, they should move that “Memory Wall” to the bottom of the seven seas lagoon. They will get as many visitors there as they are right now. It does not go with the theme of EPCOT.

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  3. Your Disneyland question…stay on-property hands down!! I surprised the family at Christmas with a trip for the Tinkerbell race weekend. I was trying to save money and we stayed at a Good Neighbor hotel. NEVER AGAIN. The staff was efficient, but not over the top like Castmembers. They didn’t go out of their way to answer questions and I found it very odd that even though our hotel included breakfast, we had to walk over to a restaurant. Then when we did have breakfast at the hotel, there was no place to sit, so we had to bring our food back to the room. The early morning at Disneyland are VERY confusing. We bought 3 day park hoppers, which was supposed to include an early morning. I did my research, or thought I did and had it all planned out. We got to the park and were denied because we were at a “Good Neighbor” hotel and not a DL resort. I was in tears, and it really put a downer on the rest of the trip. I talked to Castmembers and they tried to explain the difference between the early park hours for the general public (which is basically what you are considered if you have the park hopper) and a DL resort guest. I still don’ udnerstand it. The good neighbor hotel, which was supposed to be one of the closest, and in walking distance, was still 1 mile from our room to the gates. That’s a long distance for an 8 yr old and a 6 yr old. We felt it was harder to leave the park for a break in the day because of the distance to our hotel. We had to carry our kids back to the room after a long day at the parks. No one ever explained the ART system to us, which I guess would have been a shuttle. Our hotel was supposed to have a pool, but we never even saw it. I would pay the extra money to stay at one of the 3 Disney properties, just so that it would feel like a Disney vacation. My kids missed the little fun towel at that they had gotten used to at WDW. I would stay at a DL property because it is much closer to the parks. I would stay at DL property because then there is no question about the early entry hours. I don’t think our DL trip was nearly as magical as our two trips to WDW just because we were at a Good Neighbor hotel. It just isn’t the Disney way.

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