Top hidden Disney World Attractions

Magic Kingdom Halloween

Don’t miss these Disney World attractions

Not everything you do at Walt Disney World needs to be a ride.  There are some attractions at Walt Disney World that are not E ticket roller coasters, but these are not to be missed.

We cover all the Walt Disney World parks and what hidden attractions you should sure to enjoy.  Now these are not your big name rides, but little hidden gems that we consider attractions.  So enjoy a little magic on your next Walt Disney World vacation.


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Don't miss these hidden Walt Disney World Attractions

Author: Steve Griswold

Steve Griswold – You can follow Steve Griswold and “The Real Life Griswold Family” here on Mouse Chat – a Weekly Disney Podcast covering everything from Disney World, Disneyland and Disney Cruise Line.

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  1. Love mousechat! Started listening in May and I’m hooked, I’ve watched all the episodes of 2016 and 2015 and am making my way through 2014! Even though the information could be outdated I still like the puns and how you guys express your opinions about things. I like Stevens grumpiness a lot ” old man Griswold ” I use your tips and tricks for when I go and I’ll soon be going on a Disney cruise! Thank you for enlarging my love for Disney.

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  2. Food for thought on your Diet at WDW episode: (1)Sugar is inflammatory and is the likely cause of metabolic diseases (obesity, heart disease, diabetes, etc.). Sugar, regardless of form (sucrose, fructose, etc.) is bad for you. Sugar is also addictive. (2)With the exception of trans and partially hydrogenated fats, most fats including saturated fats (grass fed butter, coconut oil) are healthy. (3)Dietary cholesterol (cholesterol you consume) has minimal impact on your serum cholesterol in the majority of people. Your liver makes most of the serum cholesterol and cholesterol is needed for normal functioning. (4)Those folks wishing to improve their health and lose weight would be better served if they increase the good fat intake and reduce the carbohydrate intake. Such an eating strategy tends to be effective at reducing body fat. (5)Visceral fat and fatty liver is often overlooked or are not known by laypeople. Visceral fat (fat around the organs) and fatty liver (fat around and inside the liver) are very harmful and will put a person on the fast track for metabolic disease and a liver transplant. Bottom line, the low fat/low cholesterol paradigm (aka Lipid Hypothesis), for the most part, is based on weak or questionable scientific evidence. Take the extra step when reading peer-reviewed papers and see who is funding the research or if there is a conflict of interest. Apologies for this perfunctory (thus generalized) biology/health lesson, but this topic is part of my research agenda.

    With regards to this episode I offer the following: MK – Carousel of Progress (no need to comment); Epcot – Japan (the aesthetics are great, the store is awesome, the tea garden/pagoda is serene, and the sake/beer is very good. Moreover, the cast members in Japan are, IMO, the friendliest of all the countries – by far). HS – Probably Fantasmic, but the Launch Bay is a close second. AK – While I enjoy the treks/trails I could not do that on a late spring-late fall day…too hot. My choice is Harambe Market area – not for the food or drink (though I do enjoy these), but rather for the theming – or Rafiki’s Planet Watch.

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    • I hate to admit this Jon but I am eating a donut as I type this. Yeah and the sugar is so hard to give up, but I know I should. For those that are more strong willed than I am eat healthy and limit your junk food intake. I’m good sometimes, but at Walt Disney World or on a Cruise / Vacation, I kind of give in.


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  3. Some other top non-ride attractions: Be our Guest! Love that castle. Great theming! In Epcot, the “jumping” water in Epcot, near Imagination pavillion. My kids love that!

    Love the show! Keep up the good work!

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    • Those fountains at the Imagination Pavilion at EPCOT bring back childhood memories for so many people. I wish that pavilion was better so I would go over there more and share those fountains with my kids Moore.


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  4. Another great non-ride at Hollywood Studios is the Jedi Training for kids. My daughter LOVED it and it was fun for me to watch her battle Darth Vader. Not something we do every time we visit, but definitely glad she got to do it once.

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    • Thanks Suzanne. I know several Mouse Chatter and Pixies that we have at Pixie Vacations have little ones that have done Jedi Training. Our kids never did it so I feel like I missed out on that attraction, but I know others LOVE IT.


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  5. MouseChat is great! The podcast brings a little magic to my commute. I’m hoping to return to Disney early next year for a family vacation and I’m already trying to plan ahead and your podcast helps so much. Listening to every episode drives my kids nuts, but it does get us talking about what we’d like to do, see, eat and so forth. All of your comments are useful, but I have to admit that I tend to relate to Sharpie’s comments the most. In fact, his fondness of Animal Kingdom has planted some guilt in my head that perhaps I rushed through that park the last time I visited. I’m definitely going to enjoy the day (and all day at that)the next time I go to Animal Kingdom. Thanks !

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    • Hi Doug,

      I’m glad we can bring a little magic to your day with Mouse Chat. 🙂
      We would love to help plan your Disney World vacation too. Just pick a Mouse Chatter at and we can help one on one.

      Yeah Animal Kingdom is going to be amazing when Avatar opens, so if you are planning a Disney World Vacation in 2017 I’d make sure that’s on your list.


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  6. A great non-ride attraction at EPCOT would be Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie in the France pavilion! Even if you’re not down to grab a pastry, just popping in to check out the sights and smells is well worth the trip. Everything in there is always to artfully crafted (and tastes like heaven). Certainly a must stop for our group every time we’re in EPCOT.

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    • I LOVE going to EPCOT to the France Pavilion and getting an amazing dessert. Great pick Gwynne.


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  7. I recently found out I am allergic to wheat and I was wondering if you could do a food show for us gluten free-ers out there. You always mention all of this delicious food that I can’t eat anymore. If you could do a show on delicious gluten free options man ohhh man would I be grateful.

    Dan, life is suddenly tasteless, from LI.

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    • Hey Dan,

      That’s a great topic for a future Mouse Chat Disney podcast. Let me see what we can find out and get something put together.


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  8. I look forward to every podcast. I have made several notes from your information that I want to include in my next trip. Breakfast at Ohana and Sunshine Seasons, going to the American Adventure, taking the evening safari in Animal Kingdom, going on attractions that I’ve missed over the years such as Primeval Whirl and the Gorilla Falls trail. So much to do! My next trip will be 10 days during a Florida resident discount.
    Thank you for the valuable information.

    Post a Reply
    • Hi Val,

      10 days! Wow you can cover so much at Walt Disney World in ten day on vacation. I like your Animal Kingdom selections. If you are looking for a FL resident Disney World Discount, please go to and fill out a quick quote form and we will let you know when the best discount comes out that fits your vacation needs.

      Have a great time at Disney World

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  9. I would like to say I totally agree with your opinion on Main Street. When people ask my favorite part of Magic Kingdom, it’s Main Street. The sights, smells and sounds are amazing. My kids make fun of me because i love Carousel of Progress and the Hall of Presidents. I LOVE them. I too think they are my imaginary doll family haha.

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    • It’s just fun to relax and enjoy Main Street at the Magic Kingdom. I’m glad you like that too and thanks for listening to us on Mouse Chat.


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