Walt Disney World Etiquette tips

Disney World at Night


Etiquette tips for Walt Disney World

How to enjoy your Disney World trip with these Disney Etiquette tips.

I know, you are on vacation and sometimes people lose their minds when on vacation.  We took our top Walt Disney World etiquette tips and made a show out of them.
We have all the favorites.  Photography – when and how to take photos at Walt Disney World.  Dark rides and what to do and not do in rides like the Haunted Mansion.  Respecting others, especially people in wheelchairs on the Disney buses, in lines and at shows.  This show is all about how to enjoy your vacation and some things to be aware of when in a Disney park setting.

Disney Rules

Listen to our full Mouse Chat show here. Disney park etiquette.


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Author: Steve Griswold

Steve Griswold - You can follow Steve Griswold and "The Real Life Griswold Family" here on Mouse Chat - a Weekly Disney Podcast covering everything from Disney World, Disneyland and Disney Cruise Line. Also follow the Griswold Road Trips - Disney Edition show at: www.GriswoldFamilyVacations.com and on Twitter and Instagram @GriswoldVac Media Contact: Steve Griswold Phone: 678-815-1584 Email: Steve@MouseChat.net

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  1. On the photos of couples seeing each other as kids at Disney well. Somthing kinda happened to me And my wife. I share a birthday with my wife’s sister same year and obviously same day.
    After discovering this we started talking and turned out our parents shared the same room, and to top it there is a picture of the doctor holding me and u can see my wife’s parents in the background with her sister. How crazy is that

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  2. So much YES on this show. I heard just about all of my pet peeves, the biggest being flash photography on rides. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to jump out of my ride car and pry a camera or cell phone from someone’s hands o_O And it’s not even like their pictures are going to be all that great anyway!! Another one is a quick service dining pet peeve. If you have to wait in a long line to order your food, I really hate it when a family gets to the very front, i.e. standing by the cast member taking their order, and still haven’t figured out what to order (when they’ve had a menu in hand and have been WAITING IN LINE for 10, 15, 20 minutes!) I’ll hear the parents, “OK, Timmy, what do you want to eat, Johnny, do you want apple juice or milk, Suzy, what flavor of ice cream do you want?” So annoying!

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    • Ha so true Christina. I see that all the time in the quick service lines and wonder why the people can’t decide until the last minute and also wait until then to try and figure out where they stashed their money.

      Have a great week

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  3. We do always use changing stations for diaper changes, but it was so how annoying that they did not have changing tables in the men’s restrooms. Some did, but many did not. Mom needs a break too! Disney is awesome for many, many things, but this is one thing that bugged me. =/

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  4. Stopping in the middle of the walk way to post a picture? Holding the line for your gigantic party to board? My blood was boiling just thinking about people doing this.

    Cussing. If your kids are going to scream and cry, then I’m gonna cuss. I try to cut back while I’m there, but only after people tame their kids will I censor myself (so basically it will never happen)

    Also, trying to make sure there are no kids in your photo before taking it is like trying to pour a bowl of lucky charms without getting any marshmallows.

    Maybe my view on these things will change if I have kids. Until then I will continue to grit my teeth and bite my lip in anger when I see parents pushing their unconscious children around the park at 1 am simply because they as parents don’t want to stop going on rides.

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  5. The hot tub story is my favorite Chris Wood story ever!!

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  6. Great show this morning! I love it when the shows are a little longer and cover my whole 45 minute commute.

    Can we talk about pool etiquette too? I was at a small local seaside resort for Memorial Day weekend and people were DRUNK at the pool ( no issues there) but NOT supervising their young children. Kids as young as 5 were diving into shallow water head first. I thought one of the children would be seriously injured and was a wreck the whole time. PLUS the pool was not big enough for the jumping and they splashed/ almost landed on my 4-year-old son several times. I know the pools are more carefully controlled at Disney, but it’s a good reminder to watch your kids around water and that manners matter!

    Keep up the awesome work. I love the podcast and listening to you guys is one of the highlights of my week!

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  7. I have a short story on etiquette. My wife loves Disney, and I love her. If I would’ve known the cost of her obsession, I would’ve had it written into our wedding vowes. “Through sickness & health, through celebration to celebration.” Any I do love her.
    We were at Disneyland’s 50th, celebration. I went to find a seat for the firework spectacular, but one hour before the show, and all castle front seating was gone. A cast member told us, it’s pretty crowded early, but they were roping off areas and allowing people to set up areas 2 hours before the show, so if we were returning the next night, we could set up. We thanked her kindly, and did so.
    The next we arrived with blankets, sitting pillows, and snacks, 2 hours and 5 minutes before the show. We got the perfect spot, a cast member helped us and told us exactly where the walkway was going to be, and how no one would be allowed in front of these area. And I was soon abandoned with churro in hand to guard, our spot. Pillow make all the cement seating difference, just saying. 2 hours flew-by I made many new friends, before my family returns, and assumes viewing positions.
    After they close off the walkway, we are roped into front and center. A family 5 sneaks under the rope and sets down right in front of us. Before we can say anything a cast member tells them they can’t be here. “Well there’s no where to sit?”
    That’s why we allow people to come hours early, but their is some area still on Main Street. And the cast member walks with them out of the area. No sooner then they are 10 feet away, a family of 15 people, no joke or exaggeration, sets down right where the other family was just removed from. My wife the tactful one says, “excuse me, your going to have to move. You see this tape line no one is allowed beyond it.
    Looking over her shoulder, a lady tells my wife,” We’re not moving! Deal with it.”
    “The cast member is going to ask you to move.” Replies my wife.
    “Let them tell me to move then!”
    This new family is getting all set up. And more family members are arriving, ones with strollers and one in a mobility scooter. Just as my wife was about to to go off on them, the cast member return. And politely tells them this area is full and you can’t be in this area.
    The rude woman turns around and glares at my wife, as they gather their clan and move on they all turn to face us, and it’s a family of about 25 all wearing make a wish foundation teeshirts, as they walk off.
    I remind my wife to this day “Remember, when you kicked that make a wish child, from seeing the fireworks, I wonder how they’re doing?”
    I always support make a wish, just so I can put the star on my refrigerator, and write my wife’s name in the star, with a little smiling Mickey

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  8. We were waiting for the parade with our handicapped daughter in the handicapped roped off section when a whole family comes in with their elderly family member who was in a wheelchair. The whole family of able bodied men stood in front of my daughter. Talk about being livid! Mama bear pounced on them real quickly!

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  9. Hi, Mousechateers!
    Thanks for another great show. SO many etiquette points I agree with. Another one that drives (heh) me crazy is when you’re trying to park and the people who pulled in next to you are taking their sweet time unloading. You’re trapped in the car, can’t even pull into the space, and the parking attendant is getting annoyed with YOU for holding things up!

    Keep up the good work! (Oh – but if you could offer a warning next time you’re going to be talking poop and vomit, I’d appreciate it. I was listening right in the middle of lunch!)

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  10. My mom and I were laughing about the people who stop and sit in the middle instead of obeying “the voice from above” and going all the way to the end. When I was a kid, we went to WDW and my parents got fed up with the rule breakers. My mom was very careful to step directly on their toes, while saying, “You are supposed to go to the end of the row!” Ha!
    Love the show- I just started listening to podcasts and yours is one of my faves!! I have gone back and listened to old shows, too. I love snark and sarcasm, and love to laugh, so it is seriously like listening to my friends. Thanks!

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    • Also- how awkward is it when you have to climb over them? Do you go butt/face or groin/face or some other complicated arrangement?

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  11. As far as putting kids on shoulders during the fireworks/parade – it is always rude. Hold them on your hip, and they have the same view as the adults and the kids will not block the people around them. I don’t even know why people use ipods to take pics or video…the quality is horrible!!

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  12. My husband and I are driving home from WDW and your podcast has been a nice way to take the magic with us. We loved this episode about etiquette. One our our pet peeves was hinted on. We hate it when people stand in the way of the fast pass touch points. It seems like there is always someone figuring out when their fast passes begin, and they do this by standing right in front of the touch points! Also using only one of the MIckey touch points and not both! We love the show. Keep it up!

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  13. I just finished listening to this episode– I am little behind. My blood pressure was through the roof because you expressed so many of my pet peeves at the park. I am glad to know I am in good company! There was one etiquette you forgot though. Stroller etiquette! They are not battering rams. You will not get out of the park after fireworks any faster by ramming your stroller into my heel. One trip I was so fed up with my bruised ankles that when a stroller rolled on to my flip flop —(Don’t worry, I didn’t wear those shoes all day! I came back for fireworks and thought I would let the toes breath in the 100% humidity 🙂 ) — That I just stopped in my tracks and waited for them to realize I wasn’t moving any more. When they gave me a get out of my way I told them “I can’t. You are on my shoe.” There was no apology no change in behavior at the moment but as the rolled back off my shoe I have a slight hope that maybe that one stroller person learned a little. Doubtful but I can hope. Oh well, thanks for all you guys do! I enjoy laughing my way to work at all the banter and snarky-ness. I wouldn’t change your show for anything!

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  14. Hello Mouse Chat.
    Glad I found you guys. I’ve been listening for about a month now and have gone through some of the old podcast to get up to speed.
    Do you know if there is a way to buy DVC points from members that don’t use all of theirs ?
    Thank you for your help. Sincerely Robert Bronson

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  15. Hey Team Mousechat! My biggest pet peeve is the aggressive scooter people! I understand that some people need the scooters to get around the park, when you’ve seen people get out of the scooter and physically carry it into the buses it can be more than a little irritating. It’s even worse when you see parents let their children zoom around into people in the scooter they rented for grandma.

    Love the podcast!

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  16. Hello. Wonderful (and amusing) show. I just wanted to add that I completely agree about the diaper etiquette . But the one other thing that I wanted to mention as a etiquette are parents with kids who allow their kids rush on the ride before you and acts like it is acceptable behavior (had it happen to me at The Haunted Mansion last year).

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