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“Mouse Chat is a Disney podcast about everything Disney–parks, cruises, history, and more. Podcasts, which are recorded in an informal round table style, are released at least once a week. All five members of the Mouse Chat team visit the parks continuously during the year to keep you informed about everything that’s new and exciting.”


Welcome to Mouse Chat. We often get asked how did Mouse Chat get started, well actually nobody every asks, but if you are reading this page to learn more about us, then this would be a good place to start.

One day Steve was toying around with the idea of starting a Disney focused podcast. So he starting asking his Disney friends about it and researching the idea. Over a few months he had managed to talk enough people into the idea and Mouse Chat was basically born. Almost everyone on Mouse Chat has been here since we started almost three years ago. Natalie was on many of our earlier shows and you will hear her if you go back to the Mouse Chat archives on iTunes. She is still around and a great friend. There just was not enough time in the day for her family and for recording Mouse Chat every week. Sharpie is the newest member of Mouse Chat and Lauren, Steve, Lisa and Chris have been on the show since the beginning.

I remember how nervous everyone was on those first few shows. It took a little while to find our groove and it has been amazing meeting so many fans, and talking with a bunch of special guests.

Each week and sometimes even more often we record a show with a Disney theme park focus. You will find our shows at and you can also subscribe for free on iTunes.

Inside jokes:

1. Steve once showed up for a facial on the Disney Fantasy wearing nothing under a very short bathrobe and then was forced to sit in a waiting room while a group of women had their nails done.

2. Lisa’s mother once transported a large ziploc bag of sprinkles from Chicago. The Griswolds have a lot of sprinkles.

3. Sharpie loves his puns and it’s hard to find a Mouse Chat podcast without some sprinkled in there.

Who are the Mouse Chatters?

Find out about each of us on our Mouse Chat Bios.

You can contact us by sending us an email at

You can also leave comments and questions and we might play them on a future show.

Media and Press:

Please contact the show producer: Steve Griswold at
Phone: 678-815-1584

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