New Disney World Tickets are out for 2019 going forward.  It use to be that you had 14 days to use a Walt Disney World ticket from first day of park admission.  So you could buy a Disney World ticket and just not use it and hold on to it for years.  But now Disney World park tickets will expire more quickly.  Also Disney World tickets will now change in price based on the day you want to visit the park.  This allows Disney to know how many people have tickets and for what day.  It allows Disney to plan staffing, pricing, and adjust ticket prices to drive clients to book during low season.

How to plan your Disney World Vacation

This is all great for Disney, but for you as the guest, it makes planning a Disney World vacation more structured.  You have to plan your Disney World vacation well in advance and know what days you are going to the parks and purchase your park tickets for those days.  Don’t know your in park days yet?  You can purchase a flexible ticket option if that’s the case.

FYI: The price for your park ticket is set based on your first park day price.

Getting help from an Authorized vacation planner

Picking your park days well before your actual vacation sounds complex, but we are here to help.  For free, contact us here at Mouse Chat, or contact a Pixie at Pixie Vacations and we will book your Disney World Vacation package and help you pick / plan the best days for your Disney park ticket days.

How to plan your Orlando Vacations going forward

With the limited number of days to use your Disney World park tickets it is more challenging to see other attractions or see Orlando during your vacation.  Because of the new Disney World park ticket structure we recommend doing a dedicated Disney World Trip and also a dedicated Universal Orlando Resort vacation.  Doing a pre or post dedicated Universal Orlando Resort vacation is now the way to vacation in Orlando.  Planning your dedicated Universal Orlando Resort stay allows you to stay at an onsite Universal Orlando Resort hotel, get unlimited express pass, when you stay at one of the three legacy Universal resorts, and enjoy the freedom of not having to book Fastpasses 60 days in advance and dining 180 days in advance.

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