Help Pepe from the Muppets at the Midship detective agency on your Disney Fantasy Cruise

Lisa Griswold from interviews Pepe the King Prawn on the Disney Fantasy

You might not know that the Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship has a detective agency, the Midship Detective Agency and the Muppet’s need your help to solve a case.

The Muppet’s are on board the Disney Fantasy to perform a show, but some of their props are missing and Pepe, Kermit, and the entire Muppet case are here to help you find clues all over the ship.

Disney Enchanted Art Muppets

Enchanted Art on the Disney Fantasy Cruise Line

This interactive game takes place by visiting “enchanted paintings” that are all over the different decks of the Disney Fantasy. You are given a crime scene map and a special midship detective agency badge numbered playing card. You can pick these items up at deck 5 midship or at deck 2 midship.

Follow your crime scene map to find clues at the enchanted paintings and be sure to bring a pencil to write down clues and to mark off suspects from your list.

You will also have to visit Pepe’s stateroom on deck 5 (see Pepe’s Door) and the Muppet Call Board for clues.

Each case takes about 45 minutes if you do it all at one time and there are many different cases to solve so you can go back again and again. You also do not need to complete the case all at one time. You can take a break for a cruise buffet, a show, etc and continue on again later.

Pepes Room

Pepe's Stateroom on deck 5

If you are a Muppet Fan, this is a must do on your Disney Fantasy Cruise.

Muppet Midship Detective Agency Tips:

1. Go early and start on a case to avoid other detectives on the ship.
2. Go to the headquarters on Deck 2, must people do not know that desk is there to start your case.
3. Bring a pencil and take the crime scene map, write down every clue, you will need them later to solve the case.
4. Be prepared to walk and explore the entire ship. This is a great way to tour the ship.
5. You must go to a different piece of Enchanted artwork for each clue, so mark off the ones you have been to on your crime scene map.

This game is great for all ages. We saw kids doing the game as well as diehard Muppet Fans.
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