A Tour of the Haunted Mansion

Haunted Mansion Tour

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We have a creepy and crazy show for you all about the Haunted Mansion at Disney World.  Special Guest Ron, a past Disney World Cast Member from the Magic Kingdom joins us this week to discuss his role as the butler at the Haunted Mansion.  Ron was fortunate enough to work in several attractions in the Magic Kingdom and his insider perspective on the rides and attractions is wonderful.

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Author: Steve Griswold

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  1. Ron was a great guest, very interesting stories.

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  2. Ugh. That’s not the official backstory of the ride. I don’t know why they allow cast members to tell guests fan fiction and pass it off as the “real” story.

    The Ghost Host is NOT Master Gracey.
    Master Gracey is just a name on a tombstone and MIGHT be the aging portrait in the foyer.
    There is also zero evidence that Master Gracey was a pirate.

    The Ghost Host is the creepy, skinny white-haired guy with a noose around his neck and holding a hatchet, seen in multiple portraits in the ride (one in the loading area and one in the corridor of doors).
    That’s Marc Davis’ visual depiction of the Ghost Host.

    Bluebeard is NOT a pirate.
    Bluebeard comes from a 17th century French folktale about a nobleman who murdered his wives.
    Master Gracey is NOT Bluebeard.
    First of all, why would there be a tombstone in the family plot for Master Gracey and a separate tomb for Bluebeard if they were the same person?
    Secondly, Bluebeard’s tomb outside of the Haunted Mansion is dated 1440. “America” did not even exist! Come on, people!

    They didn’t change the bride’s story because there was nothing to change. The original Imagineers didn’t give her a name or backstory.
    In 2006, WDI gave the attic bride a name (Constance Hatchaway) and backstory (she killed several husbands for their wealth).

    You don’t get pushed out of the window by the bride and die. That’s ridiculous.
    The caretaker is scared because there are ghosts everywhere.

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