Are Disney No Expiration Tickets going away?

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no expiration park tickets going away

Can you Still Get No Expiration Disney Park Tickets?

Disney World has always offered No Expiration Park Tickets as an option for its guests, but rumors are swirling around that the No Expiration Option on park tickets is no more.

A No Expiration Disney Park Ticket allows you to come back Anytime and use the remaining days. So if you purchase a 10 day park hopper park ticket with no expiration, you could use say 3 days this vacation and then come back in 5 years and use two more park days, and so on until you use all the days on your ticket.

Why would Disney get rid of the no expiration option on park tickets?

I assume it is because of the financial liability. Just think of how many Disney World park tickets are out there, that could at any time be redeemed. These tickets are all on Disney’s books and I am sure make their accounts nervous. Disney could forecast a great year for their theme parks only to see the public carefully using just a few days in the park each trip to save money and to save those valuable park tickets with no expiration dates. If Disney sets expiration dates on all their future tickets this makes it easier to track what future revenue will be coming in and the liability of a database full of unused park tickets decreases.

What should you do if you plan on going to Disney World in 2013 or in the future?

Well it’s just a rumor at this point but ticket prices go up from year to year so locking in your price can’t hurt.
“You might want to consider buying your 6-10 day Disney no expiration park tickets ASAP and holding on to them.
This is just a rumor that they are going away, but if you plan on going to Disney and going more than once a quick purchase might be a good idea. It’s always nice to have some Disney Park Tickets on hand says Steve Griswold with Pixie Vacations”

Author: Steve Griswold

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  1. Oh no. Why does everything that’s “old” have to go away, like the FASTPASS time flexibility and Pleasure Island?

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  2. Looked today and couldn’t find the ‘No Expiration’ option on disney.go website.

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  3. Yep…didn’t find it anywhere.

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