beaches resort turks and caicos pools and beach seating areas

Beaches Resort Turk’s and Caicos Review

Beaches Turk’s and Caicos resort is an all inclusive family resort located in the crystal clear blue water of the Caribbean.  If you stay in Turks and Caicos it can be pretty pricey, but the trick is to book and stay at an all inclusive resort.  We stayed at Beaches Resort and instead of paying $19 for a drink, it’s included. Lauren and Lisa both went to Beaches Resort in Turks and had fantastic experiences.  We recorded an hour long podcast covering everything about Beaches Resort and what is unique, must see at Turks and Caicos.  We also took out kids earlier to Beaches Resort so we have experienced the resort with friends and also with family. Some dining options we loved at Beaches Turks and Caicos resort Arizona’s – The perfect steak house right off the beach.  We dined here twice and both times had perfectly prepared steaks.  Now when you are in the Caribbean you have to remember that everything is on Caribbean time.  So don’t expect the server to rush you to turn their table.  You will have leisure dining experience, similar to eating in Europe. There are loads of restaurants at Beaches (20 restaurants and 15 bars to be exact).  We have the list on our podcast, so please listen to our Beaches Resort show for a full list of Beaches Resort restaurant reviews.

Beaches Resort Water Park

The water park at Beaches Resort is great because there are no lines.  If you are use to standing in long lines to go down the slides, you are going to love Beaches Turks resort.  The resort is so large and has so many pools and activities that the water park might have 3-5 people in line, if anyone in line at all.  So you spend your vacation enjoying your time and not waiting.

Beaches Resort Parade and kids activities


Please listen to our Beaches Resort podcast here:

Beaches Resort Photo Gallery

beach front at Beaches Resort beaches resort turks and caicos - Pool photo Beaches Resort Pool Pool sitting area at Beaches Resort Swim up pool bar at Beaches Resort Beaches Resort swim up bars Relax at Beaches resort Beaches Resort waterpark Water park at Beaches resort Turks and Caicos Beaches Resort has a water park with no lines Lazy river at BEaches Resort in Turks and Caicos Child care at Beaches Resort Beaches Resort Sesame Street kids areas, child care Kids pool area at Beaches Resort Kids pool area at Beaches Beaches Resort pool area for small kids Cabannasa at Beaches Resort Beach in Turks and Caicos
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