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The BOATHOUSE at Disney World Reviewed

Disney Springs Boathouse Review.
Chris drove down to Walt Disney World to try the new boat house restaurant at Disney Springs.  The photos of this restaurant look amazing.  I am sure you have seen the aqua cars that start out on the shore and then cruise in the lake area.  Those cars also look like loads of fun.  We priced out the aqua cars and they are $100 for a 20 minute ride.  That price was out of our budget so we don’t have a review for the cars for you.  Instead Chris headed into The Boat House for dinner with her three kids.

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If you have been to Morton’s Steak House, Ruth’s Cris, Peter Luger’s, or Bull and Bear, or any other top of the line steak restaurant you know what a good steak is and what good service is for a restaurant at this price point.  The Boat House price point is right in line with these other well known steak restaurants.   Great Service, Amazing Steaks, all for a price that is not cheap, but what you think is well worth it for an amazing evening.  The Boat House at Disney World has none of this.

I am not even sure what steak Chris ordered at the Boat House, but it was priced on the menu at $52.00.  Here it is as presented at the table:

Boat House Disney World

This is the steak from the boat house. Price was $52.00. Sides are extra.

For me I would expect more for a $52.00 steak.  Chris also ordered the fries.  They are $9.00 on the menu and arrived cold.  The server took the drink order and then took 45 minutes to return with the drinks.  Yes we timed it because we want to make sure we give you all accurate reviews.  Chris ordered three kids meals at the boat house restaurant.  One meal never showed up.

Kids Menu at the Boat House:

Blue Star Angus Cheese Burger $10.00

The burger on the kids menu at the boat house is about the size of a slider.  It actually came with corn and the drink was not included.  She ordered milk for the kids and when the bill came the drinks were all extra.  We are not sure if milk is an extra charge because the server did not let us know when the drink selection was made.  Or maybe drinks are no longer included on the boat house kids menu and the menu for the boat house on the Disney website could be out of date.  Either way $10 for a mini burger and then paying extra for a drink was the experience we had and it was not worth it.

Decor at the Boathouse restaurant: 

The restaurant is very nice looking.  It’s by the lake, brand new, fun decor.  But it’s not what you might expect or think of when you think of Morton’s or Bull and Bear.  Those experiences are for a romantic evening, beautiful leather chairs, dark candle lit atmosphere.  This is not what you will find at the boat house and that’s ok.  It’s just different.  However we did find the noise level at the boat house to be very high and difficult to carry a conversation.  Also room between the tables was very limited at our table and we kept bumping into the other party at the table next to us.

Disney’s Boathouse Restaurant Service:

You can have a good server one time and a bad one just a table away.  So service can vary greatly at all restaurants at Disney World or anyplace.  Our experience was unfortunately horrible.  The waitress literally took 45 minutes to return with just the drinks.  The food order we did not time but it was also long and the food was cold.  She smiled a great deal but she should not have been a waitress at a high priced restaurant.  When you are paying $100 for a steak, a coke, fries and two kids meals you expect great service.  Not even good service at that price point.  It should be stellar.

Chris said she only experienced service this bad one other time in her life back in the 1990’s.  So for this particular occasion it was bad.

The Boathouse Dining Review Final Notes:

As you might expect we have to give the Disney Springs Boat House Restaurant two thumbs down.  Please listen to this weeks Mouse Chat show for all the details from Chris’ review of the boat house.  Please note that Chris says in the Mouse Chat boat house review that her steak was $59 but it was $52 plus tax and we want to make that correction.

Where to go instead of the Boathouse for a great steak at Walt Disney World.

The Disney Yacht Club – Yachtsmen Steakhouse
Or try the Bull and the Bear at the Waldorf.  The Bull and Bear and Yachtmen has great service, nice atmosphere, and amazing steaks.



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