Cleaning the Magic Kingdom, the dirt about working at Disneyland.

Cleaning the kingdom

Lynn Barron gives us the dirt, on Disneyland

Lynn worked at the Disneyland custodial department for ten years and shares his fun and spooky stories with us.

Lynn worked at Disneyland in custodial for over ten years.  The freedom allowed him to meet guests from all over the world and create magical moments for families.  Disney custodial was enjoyable because you got to work so many different areas, Lynn says.  At Disneyland Attractions you just ask how many, over and over and don’t get to spend time with the guests.

Lynn’s boss got to meet Walt Disney himself.  The story is pretty short, but it makes it that much more entertaining.  Lynn also had a few brushes with fame as he met celebrities sometimes at Disneyland while just doing his job.

You have to listen to our full show to hear the haunted mansion story that Lynn tells about adding more than 999 happy haunts.
There is also an awesome Disneyland ghost story.

Listen to our full Mouse Chat show here for our interview with Lynn Barron .

You can read all the great stories in Lynn’s book that he co-wrote: Cleaning The Kingdom: Insider Tales of Keeping Walt’s Dream Spotless

Lynn also has a podcast The Sweep Spot that you can listen to for all the latest Disneyland “dirt”


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Author: Steve Griswold

Steve Griswold - You can follow Steve Griswold and "The Real Life Griswold Family" here on Mouse Chat - a Weekly Disney Podcast covering everything from Disney World, Disneyland and Disney Cruise Line. Also follow the Griswold Road Trips - Disney Edition show at: and on Twitter and Instagram @GriswoldVac Media Contact: Steve Griswold Phone: 678-815-1584 Email:

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  1. Hey! Love the show– this episode was great! Except…. I felt like you guys got (admittedly) particularly “get off my lawn” about some Cast Members in and out of the parks. While I totally agree about the ruined magic when seein a CM in their uniform pumping gas, I feel like CMs with tattoos/beards etc, are something that should be embraced. When I can carry on a very genuine conversation with. CM about my own tattoos or theirs visible or not lol– I feel like that establishes a lot of magic for me especially in my early 30s sans kids. It just rubbed me the wrong way I guess because I think Disney has actually done a remarkable job changing with the times, and it actually shows that we as a society are more open to expression in different forms. Even as a tattooed-teacher, I feel like I am in the majority now rather than say 15 years ago. Any who, the CMs work really hard and I hope we can see beyond the tattoos and the beards within reason. You guys are great and I love the show and I’m so excited I chose pixie for my upcoming vacation 🙂 love you guys!

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    • Hi, Jess,

      Thanks for the comments about Disney’s hand book on dress etc. I think we all came from the time when it was really strict at Walt Disney World and you were not allowed to be seen “off stage” in your costume etc. So it’s just hard for us to except the new way with cast members out in the public all dressed up to work in it’s a Small World, or Big Thunder Mountain.


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  2. I truly enjoyed this podcast and look forward to hearing more. I have not been to disneyland but I love going to Disney World. It’s funny you mentioned the smell in Pirates of the Caribbean! I love the dark dank smell!

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