Haunted Mansion Scare PackageDisney’s Ghost Relations package arrived

We purchased a Haunted Mansion Scare package from Ghost Relations at Disney so we could share what’s inside each month with you.  Our first Disney scare package arrived today and we have downloaded the iPhone App (Phantom Radio) so we can interact with the spirits.

The Scare package was $199.  For $199 you get three packages from Ghost Relations.  One package comes each month and this is the first scare package for April 2016.  Disney does any amazing job with packages.  The Ghost Relations department took extreme care in creating this box of haunted items.  My expectations were pretty high and this exceeded everything I could have hoped for.  I’m not one to spend $199 on three mystery boxes, but this is so cool and was well worth the money.

Please watch the video we created and posted on our Mouse Chat YouTube channel.  You will see the attention to detail, the story telling and the really cool clues and items Ghost Relations sent us.  We wanted to keep the video to 10 minutes but there are even more fun clues and hidden secrets we just discovered that we did not film.

We will post again Ghost Post video in May and June when those scare packages arrive from Disney.  If you have any questions or comments please share those below.


Here is the Ghost Relations Package and Ghost Post from Disney.

If you missed it, you can read all about the Disney Scare Packages being sold by Disney in our previous post here:  Disney Scare Packages

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