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There is a definite strategy that you should follow when visiting each of the Walt Disney World parks. Certain rides you should definitely get fast passes for and there are certain attractions you should plan on going to first to make the most of your day. This week we cover each Disney park and share our strategies for saving time and money at Disney.

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Author: Steve Griswold

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  1. FYI, even though the return time for Toy Story Mania fastpasses can be 8+ hours out, you can get another Fastpass for this and every other attraction within 2 hours. Some attractions are less (I believe Everest is 1 hour), but always check the Fastpass ticket when you get it. It’s either 2 hours out or the beginning of your return time.

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  2. I enjoy the podcast, but the information you shared regarding FastPass is wrong.

    Quoting from the “Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World”:

    You can obtain a second FASTPASS as soon as you enter the return period for your first FASTPASS or after 2 hours from issuance, whichever comes first.

    So for example, if you enter Hollywood Studios in the morning and get a Toy Story Mania Fastpass at 9am with a 4pm return time, you can pick up a second Fastpass after 11:00 am. The return time will be printed on your ticket as you noted. You will not be stuck in the park all day long with no other FastPass opportunities.

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  3. Just listened to your podcast on park strategies, and as always, love your podcast! You will be happy to know, someone mentioned on the show that if you get a fast pass and it doesn’t have a return time until many hours later, you were stuck and couldn’t get any more fast passes… that actually is not true. You can get a new fast pass when the time window for the current fast pass starts OR 2 Hours after you got the 1st pass… whichever comes sooner. So if you get a 3PM fast pass for Toy Story at 9AM, then you can actually get another fast pass at 11AM, even before using your Toy Story fast pass. It has worked this way for quite some time, and I can verify it worked for us the last couple years just that way..
    Have a Magical Day and keep up the awesome work!

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