Disney World with Adults - No kids
Top things to do at Walt Disney World without kids

Disney World is a great place for family vacations with the kids, but most adults never think about going to Walt Disney World as an Adult only getaway vacation.

Top Reasons to visit Walt Disney World without the kids:

  1. You get to do whatever you want.  🙂  There are no bathroom breaks, temper tantrums, or early bedtimes to worry about.
  2. Signature Disney World Dining – When you go to Disney World as an adult you can experience all the Disney signature dining restaurants without the cost or worry of kids.  If you want a leisurely meal, a glass of wine, or want to dine at 10 PM.  It’s all possible.
  3. Disney Extra Magic Hours – When you stay at a Walt Disney World resort you get Extra Magic Hours.  During the season the Disney parks can stay up until 2 AM.  Little kids seem to hit that tired wall about 6 PM.  So you can enjoy all the late night or early morning hours as an adult which have shorter wait times.
  4. Disney World Spas – As an adult a wonderful massage is a perfect way to experience Walt Disney World as an adult.
  5. Disney World Tours – If you want to learn more about Disney with a behind the scenes tour, these special tours are normally only for adults.  So take advantage of one of these Disney tours on your adult only trip.
  6. No Stroller – When you go to Walt Disney World with adults you get to dump the stroller.
  7. Epcot Food and Wine and other festivals.   Disney World has some great festivals and events and these are nice for a vacation or even a quick weekend adult getaway.
  8. Easier Planning – as a group of adults you can relax more and enjoy the little things at Walt Disney World.  You don’t have to rush from kiddie ride to kiddie ride and take a more leasurely pace.
  9. Disney Dining Reservations – It can be difficult to get perfectly timed Disney dining reservations.  But with a group of adults you can pick and book those later dinner dining times and not have to worry about sleepy kids.
  10. Enjoy Disney Springs and the roaming entertainment in the Disney Parks.  Watch the Dapper Dans in the Magic Kingdom, or some of the entertainment while having a snack at Disney Springs.Listen to Mouse Chat for the full list of reasons and tips for going to Walt Disney World as adults.

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Have you taken a girls weekend or adult vacation to Walt Disney World?  We would love to hear about your Disney World trip without the kids.  Please share your trip advice with other Mouse Chatters by posting your comments below.

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