Walt Disney World Resorts Reviewed

– All Star Sports (Value) Coronado Springs (Moderate) Animal Kingdom Kidani Village Two Bedroom (Deluxe Villa)

We booked a Walt Disney World Value Resort, a Disney World Moderate Resort and a Disney World Deluxe Villa Resort so we could tell you some of the differences between the different Walt Disney World Resort categories.

Walt Disney World has resorts that you can stay at that are broken down at the most basic level to Value, Moderate, Deluxe, and Deluxe Villas.  Each category has many different themed Disney resorts that you can stay at, but they all have set amenities and basic standards for each Disney resort type.


Disney’s Art of Animation Resort at Walt Disney World. Photo by: Pixie Vacations


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Walt Disney World Value Resorts

The Disney Value Resorts have the smallest resort room sizes and double beds instead of queen beds.  They are setup like motels where you check in at a main building and then walk or drive to your building.  The doors to the rooms face outdoors and most buildings are two stories or three stories.  They do have elevators to access the rooms on the upper floors.  The AC units are by the windows and these resorts really don’t have a view unless you want to leave your blinds open by your door so everyone can see in as they walk by.  We found all Disney resorts to be very very clean and well maintained.  On occasion you might stay in a Disney resort that needs so updating, but Disney is very good about refurbishing and keeping all of their resorts up to date.


Disney’s Pop Century Resort (Value Resort) at Walt Disney World. Photo Credit: Pixie Vacations

Advantages to a Disney World Value Resort Stay:

  1. Price – These rooms are the least expensive room on Disney Property.  If you are looking to spend all of your time at the Disney World parks and just need a place to sleep and free Walt Disney World transportation, these resorts are perfect.
  2. On Disney Property – All Disney Resorts have some very nice perks.  You are on Disney Property so you are in the magic 24/7.  You get free transportation to and from the Orlando ORL airport on Disney Magical Express.  You also get free parking at the theme parks and free resort transportation (buses, monorails and boats).  There are extra magic hours at the Disney theme parks just for Disney Resort guests and you get My Disney Experience (MagicBands).  You can book your Disney attractions and ride reservation on FastPass+ before non resort guest also.  These extras come with a stay at any Walt Disney World Resort property.

Disadvantages to Disney World Value Resorts:

  1. Location – Most Disney World Value Resort are located the furthest distance away from the Magic Kingdom park.  This means longer bus rides to and from the parks.
  2. Room Size – The Disney Value Resort rooms are pretty tight.  The bathroom door just misses the toilet when you open the door and it takes some maneuvering to get into the very small bathroom.  There is just one sink and very little privacy.
  3. Amenities – Value Resorts at Disney World have a food court but no sit down table service restaurants.  Also Disney Value Resorts do not have things like, a gym, water slides, or covered bus stops.  The access to your room is from the outside, so no air conditioned hallway.  The pool areas are nice but the pool is not as elaborate as the pools as the higher priced Disney resorts.  This is all fine and the resorts are very nice for the price point.

On this trip we stayed at the All Star Sports Resort.  Again it was a great value for our money, clean, great Disney cast members, and perfect because we needed a place on Disney property and really just needed a place to sleep.  We spent all of our time at the Disney parks, so we really did not need a resort at Disney World with lots of extras.


Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort. Photo Credit: Pixie Vacations

Disney World Moderate Resorts

On this trip we had a room at Disney’s Coronado Resort.  This is a Disney World Moderate resort.  So this resort is the next step up from a Disney World Value resort.  Disney’s Coronado Springs is also a convention resort so it has even a few more extra amenities than other Disney World Moderate resorts.  First it has a gym which you will only find in Deluxe Disney World Resorts.  It also has a bar / lounge.  There is a Bar at Port Orleans, but this is a large bar area because of the convention groups that stay here.


Advantages to Disney World Moderate Resorts:

  1. Room Size – The room size is substantially bigger and you have two queen beds.
  2. Themeing and location – I personally like the resort themes better than the Disney Value resorts.  My two favorites are Port Orleans French Qtr., and Coronado Springs.  I like Port Orleans French Qtr because it is nice and small, have a great location, cool theme, boat access to Disney Springs and a nice pool area with a hot tub also which moderate resorts normally do not have.
    Disney’s Coronado Springs I love the grounds and both the counter service and table service restaurant at this resort are great.  This resort also has a gym and a business center.  There are also rooms that have access to a business lounge with food and drinks for breakfast and dinner.  These rooms are extra and are close to the main building which is also convenient.  The size of Coronado Springs can turn people off because there is a great deal of walking and if it hot or raining after a long day in the Disney theme parks, it can take a toll if your room is a long way from one of the bus stops
  3. Cost – Depending on the time of year and your travel agent looking at special offers for you, you can sometimes find some really great Disney World promotions and specials that makes these Disney moderate rooms a really great deal.
  4. Pools – The moderate resorts have much nicer pools than the Disney value resorts.  They are themed better, they have larger pools with more outdoor activities surrounding the pool area and a fun themed water slide.

Disadvantages to Disney World Moderate Resorts:


Disney’s Art of Animation Resort Lobby.

  1. Motel Style design.  The Disney moderate resorts also have the motel style of building where the room doors all face outside.  This is all except for Disney’s Art of Animation Resort that has Family Suites.  Those rooms have enclosed indoor corridors with carpeting, AC etc.  Disney’s Art of Animation resort is amazing and a perfect pick for a large family.  Art of Animation is the newest Value / Moderate Resort at Walt Disney World and in my top three for Disney resorts at this price point.
  2. Buses – The Moderate Resorts rely on Disney bus transportation to get to the Disney parks, just like the value resorts.  No monorail, no boats and no walking distance to a Disney theme park.  Time is money and waiting on buses can really eat up time on a Disney vacation

We are skipping the Disney World Deluxe Resorts this week, but we have reviewed them many times before on Mouse Chat and are happy to help you pick the perfect Disney World Deluxe resort for your next Disney World vacation.  Please leave a comment below and we will share our opinions with you so everyone can share in the discussion.


Disney Animal Kingdom extra bedroom. Photo Credit: Pixie Vacations

Disney World Deluxe Villas:

Sharpee from the show stayed at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Kidani Village in a nice two bedroom villa.  The deluxe accommodations at Walt Disney World are amazing and I especially love Animal Kingdom Lodge and Kidani Village.  The atmosphere and mood is perfect.  At night the resorts are dark and expertly lit to create the perfect atmosphere.  When you wake up and giraffes are just outside your patio it’s hard to beat that amazing view and start to your day.  It’s darn cool.

The best way to get a the latest Disney World Resort Discounts and free advice and service, is to contact our friends at Pixie Vacations.  They will let you know everything about all the Walt Disney World Resorts, and book the perfect one for you.  There is no change to book your vacation with them and they have been awarded Disney’s Earmarked Award from the Walt Disney Company.



Enjoying the Savanna and Disney’s Kidani Villas. Photo Credit: Pixie Vacations


Kidani’s lobby has a romantic feel.


This is so cool. Look outside your balcony and wake up to this. Animal Kingdom Lodge and Kidani Village

Advantages to Disney World Deluxe Villa Resorts:

  1. These resorts are more like homes.  You get a washer and dryer in anything above a studio category.  This is perfect because you can pack light and wash clothing during your trip.  Also you get a full kitchen in a one bedroom or larger.  So you have dishes, a dish washer, full size refrigerator, stove, microwave etc.  You can really save on dining costs fora  family by eating at least breakfast in your villa.  You also have a living room, bedroom(s) bathroom and amazing tub and shower and the list goes on and on.  We love these resorts.  The Animal Kingdom rooms are massive and have that dark wood romantic feel.
  2. Location – For most Deluxe and Deluxe Villa Disney Resorts the location is ideal.  You are on the monorail, boat, bus or walking distance to some Disney parks depending on your specific deluxe / deluxe villa resort.  This is great for getting to the Disney World Parks and back home to your resort when you have to carry sleeping kids at 11 PM.  Time is money at Disney World and you get some great locations at these resorts.

    Disney Grand Floridian Resort and Spa Review

    Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa (Deluxe Resort)

Disadvantages to Disney World Deluxe Villa Resorts:

  1. Price.  Of course these are the most expensive rooms at Walt Disney World, but I have to say what you get is well worth the price.  So the value for the cost is defiantly there.  These rooms are great for that special Disney vacation where you want that extra room and a resort with top notch amenities.
  2. Location – This is a negative only for the Animal Kingdom resorts if you are planning on going to the Disney parks often.  The location for these two resorts in at the far end of the Disney Property so you have at least a 25 minute bus ride to the Magic Kingdom from your resort.  But Animal Kingdom park has Avatar land and also Rivers of Light and new dining opening soon so you are super close to this park when you stay at either Disney World Resort.

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