Our Mouse Chat Silly Disney Debate:

  1. Would you rather stay one night in the Cinderella’s Castle Suite at Magic Kingdom or the Lincoln Bedroom at the White House?
  2.  You’re trapped on a deserted island FOREVER!! You’ve put only one song on your Ipod …it’s a Disney song…which one?
  3. You win a contest to have one free day at WDW all to yourself (i.e. no other guests). The only condition is that it has to be in July and you have to wear a heavy, winter coat ALL day. Accept the prize???
  4. [Here’s a gross one] Would you rather lick the turnstile at Disneyland or drink a glass of water from It’s a Small World ride?
  5. If you go back in time and remove one of the original attractions/rides at Disneyland/World that still exists today, it would be…
  6. Which Disney movie character (pre-Fox/Star Wars mergers) would you like to have dinner with? [not a cast member, but the actual character] 
  7. Would you rather spend a week in jail or a month in the Tiki Room (you can’t leave!)?
  8. Better retirement job: Taste-tester for Mickey Mouse Ice Cream bars or Jungle Cruise boat driver?

Thanks Bryan for sending us these eight Disney questions.

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