On our last Disneyland trip we were very lucky to dine at Club 33, the exclusive members-only restaurant at Disneyland. We had brunch with the kids and then a grown-up dinner on another night.

Dinner at Club 33

Dinner at Club 33

Sunday Brunch at Club 33:

This is an amazing brunch that starts at 11 AM. It begins with a buffet (see photos below) and you also get to order a main course. We both ordered the filet, which was amazing. This was a great deal of food for a brunch and is defiantly an experience.

Our brunch was over two hours long, but the environment and the food itself makes time fly. We went with our two little ones, ages two and six, which is probably the best time to take little one to Club 33. Mickey and Pluto also dine at there for Sunday Brunch, so this special character interaction makes it a nice outing for the kids too.

No Doubt singer Gwen Stefani was sitting next to us. She laughed at Brooke, who decided to crawl out of her chair and put her napkin on the floor to take a nap. The club is so much more casual at brunch, no one seemed to mind the little ones, which is a nice change from dinner, which is more formal.

Our photo tour consists of mostly Sunday Brunch photos at the club. Lisa and I did go back later in the week without the kids for dinner in the trophy room. We also took a tour of Club 33 after our Sunday brunch and you will find the video link below.

Our MouseChat.net Podcast on Club 33 covers our Sunday Brunch and also our Adult Dining experience in detail.

Club 33 Video Tour
Disneyland Club 33 Review on Mouse Chat Podcast
Club 33 Photo Album on Facebook.  Loads of Photos here. 🙂

Club 33 Costs:

The cost for your meal is the price of a one day park ticket to Disneyland. Currently this is $80. I believe brunch on Sunday was a little more, maybe $89 a person. A nice benefit is that you get admission for that day to the park, so basically you get into the park for free and then you pay this back with your minimum meal cost.

Update Stating in Jan. 2012:  Members of Club 33 have a limited number or no park admission for guests they invite to experience Club 33.  It depends on the type of membership they have as to the benefits.  Thanks Pam for this update.

How do I get into Club 33?

You have to be a member to get into Club 33. There are about 500 members in the club, but members can invite their friends, so if you know a Club 33 member they can get you a reservation there. Sorry, I am not a Club 33 member and can not get you in, but if you do have a chance to dine at Club 33, it’s a once in a life time experience.

If you have questions about Disneyland, Club 33, the hotels at Disneyland and offsite, etc. you can contact me at my email address over at Pixie Vacations.

club 33 door

Arriving at Club 33 for Sunday brunch

Club 33 Kids Menu

The Club 33 Kids Menu

Brooke had a blast with the Disney Characters

Brooke had a blast with the Disney Characters

Character dining disneyland

Club 33 buffet

Club 33 has an open buffet, and also you get a menu selection for brunch

club 33 sunday brunch review

Club 33 streak review

The filet at Club 33 for Brunch was prefect

disneyland club 33 desserts

desserts at club 33

famous club 33 at disneyland

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