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Free Dining at Walt Disney World Rumor! There is a special Disney announcement Friday April 8 2011. What will it be? Listen to our special show for the latest rumors that will most likely not come true.

Update 4/8 3:30 PM ET: Well today came and went a nothing came out that we were not already aware of. 🙁

Update 4/28 7:00 AM ET: Free Dining is Here. Ok so we were 20 days too soon in our prediction. You can get Free Dining at Disney World by using your Disney Visa card.

Update: Disney Free Dining is Here for Everyone in 2011.

This is another SPECIAL Mouse Chat News and Rumor Report from all around Disney.
FREE DINING AT WALT DISNEY WORLD. Will it come out? We have the latest word on the street.
New DVC Resorts? Art of Animation Resort rumors. A show with mostly Disney Rumors. None of which are probably true.

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