Walt Disney World Halloween Party

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party Reviewed

Halloween time is here and Walt Disney World has the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party.  We took a night and on our latest trip to Disney World to experience Mickey’s Not So Scary.

Pro Tip:  Arrive at 4 PM and get into the party early.  The event starts at 7 PM but you can get into the party at 4 PM.

Some of us dressed up for the party and a few of us decided to not wear our costumes because it was still a little hot in September in Orlando.  If it’s not hot it’s fun to dress up for this event.  Also when you walk into the Halloween Party you walk down an isle of M&M goodies and get your trick or treat bag.

The two main shows you want to make sure you don’t miss is the Halloween Boo to You Parade and also the HalloWISHes fireworks.  The Halloween parade happens twice while the firworks only happen once at night.  We did the first Boo To You Parade and got a parade spot about 30 – 40 minutes before over in Frontierland.  To make good use of our time we ate while waiting for teh parade.

Another Halloween event tip is to go Trick or Treating later in the night, the lines will be much shorter and you will not waist 1o minutes per candy spot.

If you can wait until the second Boo to You parade the crowd levels for that parade time slot are much lower.  Most people leave the party right after the fireworks end.  When you have little kids it’s difficult to stay late.

Some of use got a dining reservation during the party.  I would avoid this because you are going to spend a great deal of your party time sitting at a table service restaurant.  I would get something quick to eat and use my party time for rides, the parade, and the fireworks.


Have you been to the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party?  Please share your comments.


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