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My Disney Experience is something you will quickly need to know about well before your Walt Disney World vacation.  What is My Disney Experience?  Disney World now has an App.  The Disney World App is called “My Disney Experience”.  The good news is you can install the Disney APP on your iPhone or mobile device very easily.

using my disney experience

I also want to point out that My Disney Experience is also how you will be reserving ride and attractions well in advance of your Disney World Vacation.  If you are staying at a Walt Disney World Resort property you can book your Disney attractions 60 days in advance.  Booking Disney rides and attractions is what Disney calls Fastpasses.  And you will see FastPass+ as a selection in the My Disney Experience App.

Why do I need to book my Disney World rides and attractions 60 days before my Disney vacation?

Lines at Disney World for the popular attractions can get fairly long.  Instead of waiting in line, you are going to want to get a Disney fastpass to get access to the Fastpass que.  This will significantly cut down your wait times and gets you more bang for your buck as part of your Disney World vacation.  Don’t worry, we cover Disney Fastpass+ on our Mouse Chat Disney podcast here, so have a listen.

using the My Disney Experience App

My Disney Experience App, Now what?

So you have the My Disney Experience app installed and you are logged in.  The first thing you are going to want to do is to link your Disney World resort hotel reservation to your My Disney Experience account.  This way you can plan and book your Disney World rides using FastPass+ 60 days before your vacation.  You will also want to link up your other friends and family members so everyone can book fastpasses in My Disney Experience.

If you purchased Disney World Tickets on your own and are not staying at an on property resort, you can enter your Disney World tickets by scanning them our typing in the ticket number.  Guests staying off Disney property can book Disney World Fastpasses 30 days before their check in date.

It’s important to note that you must have your Disney World tickets purchased and entered into My Disney Experience before you can book fastpasses!

There is a definite advantage to staying on site at a Walt Disney World Resort because you can book your Disney Fastpasses in My Disney Experience well before anyone else who is staying off Disney property.  You can book Fastpases starting at 7 AM ET when your window opens.

How do I book the popular Disney rides in My Disney Experience?

You need to know that people that have Disney World resort reservations that start before your reservation and have a long Disney World Vacation, will get to book their rides before you do.  We recommended that you try and book the popular rides at Disney World for the last few days of your vacation.  Also Disney World loads more fastpasses into My Disney Experience at the 30 day mark.  Listen to our My Disney Experience podcast for our Fastpass strategies.

Disney World Dining with my Disney experience.

Try to make your Disney Dining reservations online and not on the App.  It is much easier to book Disney dining online and with less bugs.  You can book Disney dining 180 days in advance.  Be sure to line up your Fastpasses with your Disney dining so you have your Disney park days planned out.

Use My Disney Experience for online ordering.

Instead of waiting in a Disney World quick service line, try the Disney online ordering in the Disney experience App.  You can order your food in a quiet location with your family, skip the line, and walk to the pick up mobile ordering area.  This will save you time as you skip the long lines of people trying to figure out what they want to eat.  You can do this also if you are on the Disney Dining Plan.

My Disney Experience also has:

Hotel Bus times

Disney Dining Plan credits

Your Disney hotel folio

Disney Photopass Plus

Disney World ride wait times

My Disney Fastpasses are missing

If you logging into My Disney Experience and you don’t see anything, wait and login again.  If your Disney World Fastpasses still are not there after a day, call the Disney World My Disney Experience help desk.  Also we recommend working with a Disney Authorized Vacation Planner because they use My Disney Experience everyday and are very helpful guiding you through the Disney World booking and planning process.  We recommend Pixie Vacations for all your Disney vacations.  Hey, they are free to work with when booking with them.

My Disney Experience TIP:  Take screen shots of your Disney Fastpasses and Disney Dining reservations.  You never know if the My Disney Experience App will not display your Disney Fastpasses, your App, would load, or your WiFi / cell service goes down.  If you can, also print out your Dining and Disney fastpasses.

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