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For this weeks show everyone was tasked to bring back reviews from Walt Disney World. Lauren and Chris went to Le Cellier for a lunch review, Natalie eat at Liberty Tree Tavern at the Magic Kingdom and also at Downtown Disney’s Rainforest Cafe and gives her dining reviews. Chris also is back from her stay at Kadani Village and gives her review of that deluxe resort. George from 2 Lonely Deeks is on the show and talks about a great giveaway that starts, today on Chip and Company at http://www.chipandco.com/

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Show Notes:

Please stop by Chip and Co for their Holiday giveaway.
Also in this weeks Disney News we discuss a coupon / voucher that you can download for 30% off your quick service meals at select Disney World and Disneland restaurants. Here is the link to the Disney 30% dining coupon.


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