Review of Disney’s Wild Africa Trek

Disney Wild Africa Trek Review

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We headed over to Animal Kingdom to try a new kind of exclusive tour they have call the Wild Africa Trek.
This is a tour of the savanna at the Disney Animal Kingdom park.

This was my first kind of behind the scenes tour at the Animal Kingdom and it really made me feel special.
First of all the tour size is limited to a maximum of 12 people, so you are in a small group and get personalized attention. There are two tour guides and sometime even additional specialist that interact with during this tour. So you really get to learn about the animals and can ask questions. You also get very close to the animals as you literally trek tough the woods.

At one point in the adventure you cross two rope bridges. These are over over a river filled with 10 foot+ crocodiles. Everyone made it across, even the people in our group with an extreme fear of heights, but yeah it can be a little intimidating.

There are many great photo opportunities on the Wild Africa Trek and your guides take photos the entire time, so you can leave your camera at home, or in the locker they provide at your base camp. We each received a CD FULL of spectacular photos about 3-4 weeks after the trek.

There is a light snack / lunch provided at a private viewing African hut on the savanna too. I’ll let you listen to our review and enjoy these photos.

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Disney’s Wild Africa Trek Tour

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  1. I laughed so hard at the “It’s Disney. They’re not going to let me fall.” part!!! I HATE fast falling rides. Totally not a roller coaster person. I have been on 99% of the rides at Disney Parks for that same reason… It’s Disney… They won’t let me die. I’ve rode Tower of Terror 4 times. I hate it. I got gusty when I was a Freshman in high school and got on it and the picture of me screaming is horrific! I went again as a Sophomore (do not remember riding it, may have blocked it out). When I came back as a Senior, I had been twice very recently and many of the kids in my class had never been. So I acted as a tour guide of sorts for them and led them all the way through the Tower of Terror to where you get on the elevators and at this point I was shaking so bad, the rest of the group was about to take the chicken exit. But you know what got me through? Thinking: It’s Disney. They’re not going to let me die. So you are not alone!!! I feel like I got tricked the 4th time because in California the ride looks so much shorter but I found out after riding it that the ride goes below the ground because the the building height restrictions. So it’s the same as the one in Disney World. I have retired my Tower of Terror riding hat…. I can’t handle that ride any longer.

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    • Hey Michele,
      I love the themeing of Tower of Terror, but I am with you. I have done it many times and can live without feeling like my lunch is going to come up. – Steve

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