I had a goal to run a 5k, then a 10k and a half marathon and Run Disney was in my sights being a giant Disney fan. If you don’t know what Run Disney is, it’s an amazing event at Walt Disney World that happens several times a year through the Disney parks. I did the 10k at Epcot and at 4 AM the excitement walking into the Run Disney event was overwhelming. If you are looking for a positive, amazing, inspiring event, this is it.

Disney knows how to put on a race and the 10k was amazing. I was out the next morning to cheer on all the running doing the Disney half marathon and then jumped on the monorail and went to the Disney half marathon finish line and cheer on everyone up to the last person. The Run Disney event was so inspiring.

If you want to start with the entry level race, you can start with the Disney 5k and work your way up. Mouse Chat has done the 5k before and our goal was to not get pulled off the course. We made it!

For Run Disney details and tips, please listen to our full Run Disney Podcast. Sharpie covers his 10k Disney race in detail.

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