Tron Flynn's Arcade Disneyland CA

SPECIAL Mouse Chat Disneyland podcast PART 2 (10 mins)

Steve’s adventure continues on his first trip to Disneyland. This is part 2 of the Mouse Chat Walkabout at Disney’s CA Adventure.
This special show was recorded while walking through Disney CA Adventure and has Flynn’s Arcade, Electronica, and a quick review of the World of Color.

You will hear the rides in surround sound so please use Headphones to experience the rides. Since this show was recorded live while walking around Disneyland, the audio levels can vary greatly. So some rides can get very loud, just like they are in person.

This is show number two, Disney CA Adventure Continued. Also listen to our Disneyland Magic Kingdom shows live from the park with loads of attraction audio in surround sound.

These live park shows are experiments so please let me know if these are informative, fun, etc. or if this type of show is just boring.

Click Here for Photos from Disneyland – California Adventure, Disneyland Hotel, and the Magic Kingdom

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