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Our friends Brent and Dina are here this week with some amazing news.  They purchased Walt Disney’s Home in Chicago IL.  This is the home that Walt Disney and Roy Disney were born in.  On a late night Zillow search Brent came across the house and was surprised to learWalt Disney Birthplace - Happy Holidaysn that it was not a historic landmark filled with the history of the Disney family.  After some negotiations Brent and Dina purchased the house, now a two family duplex, so that they can restore it to it’s original 1901 condition.

Brent and Dina are no strangers to the Amusement Industry.  They own Super78 a company that does creative for large scale amusement projects like Sponge Bob 4D.  But the Walt Disney House is not going to be turned into a park like attraction with a dark ride.  It will be a historic museum with a twist.  Using their creative background and the latest technology you might be able to relive the house exactly as it was when Disney himself lived there, with all the sights and sounds or the era.  So we are sure the home will have some magical surprises.

The home is in a residential community in Chicago and to make sure everyone can experience the restoration project and the final restored home, Brent and Dina are putting a great deal of effort into an online Disney museum of sorts.  The Walt Disney Birthplace website will house virtual walk thoughts, videos, discovery and much more to come.  Brent and Dina are working with the community and even the local school to make the house a place to inspire kids of all ages with what one man, well two men did, Walt and Roy Disney.

To take on such a monumental effort and to do it the right way does require funding and Brent and Dina are working on that too.  You can help in the restoration and discovery process along with them at their KickStarter Page.  If you are not familiar with KickStater, it is a site that allows fans, friends and supports to get involved and make a donation to help projects like this become reality.  Brent and Dina have created some amazing pieces of artwork, and awards for those that help in the effort.  There is even a Walt Disney World Vacation courtesy of Pixie Vacations that you could win for your family.

When will the Walt Disney Birthplace open to the public?
Well the grand Opening is tentatively set for Dec 5, 2014,Walt Disney’s Birthday, but as the project progresses we will be sure to keep everyone updated here.


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