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I’m a single parent taking my kids to Walt Disney World.  What Disney travel tips should I follow?

We have traveled to Walt Disney World as a single parent many times with one – four kids.  It can be difficult to wrangle little ones at Disney all by yourself, but we have some great tips to help you with your Disney World Vacation as a single parent.  All of us at Mouse Chat have lost our children at Walt Disney World and even at Disneyland Paris just for you, so you can learn from our mistakes. 🙂 Listen to our Mouse Chat show below to hear all of our Disney travel tips for single parents.

How to plan a Walt Disney World Vacation as a single parent

1. Bring a stroller to Disney World – If you have little ones, a great way to keep them together is to have a stroller.  If one kid is in the stroller, you know where they are.  It’s much easier to keep an eye on them as a single parent when they are in the stroller instead of letting them walk around freely.

2. Stay close to the magic – If possible staying at a Disney World on property resort, expecially a Monorail resort, allows you quick access to the Magic Kingdom park.  If you are taking little ones to Walt Disney World you are going to spend most of you time at the Magic Kingdom.  A Disney monorail resort allows you to quickly get to and from teh Magic Kingdom.  This is perfect to mid day naps.

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3. In Room Babysitting – You can get a babysitter (Kids Night Out).  This is nice if you have kids with a large gap in age range.  The babysitter can watch your smallest kids in your resort room while you take your older kids to the park for a special outing just for them.  That way you can ride the attractions they want to ride that the little ones are too small for.

4. Take breaks – relax and unwind.  Spend a day at your resort pool and let the kids swim.  This will give you a mental break from the Disney parks.

5. Have identification on your smaller children – Make sure you have a pin or card or some kind of ID on your little ones.  If they get lost then a cast member will have your name and cell phone number.  If you get separated from your child, make sure you go to the Baby Care Center, or ask a cast member and they will direct you to the Lost Parents area.


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