Chef Art Smith Disney Springs Review

Disney World Restaurant Reviews

We sent a group of Mouse Chatters to Walt Disney World to review five top Walt Disney World Restaurants.  Here is our Disney dining review.

Our First stop was at the Magic Kingdom for dinner at 8:50 PM:

Liberty Tree Review

Liberty Tree Tavern Restaurant Review

Location: Magic Kingdom

The service at Liberty Tree Tavern was really good and the restaurant has a nice family feel.  Liberty Tree Tavern is family style so everything comes to the table to share.
The food was average and similar to what you might get at Thanksgiving at home if your grandma makes Thanksgiving out of a box from the freezer section.  Some items we enjoyed but many we did not, please listen to the Mouse Chat podcast for details.

Overall there are many better locations to spend a Disney Dining Table Service credit if you are on the Disney Dining Plan, or to spend cash at if you are paying out of pocket.  If you are paying out of pocket for dinner we would recommend The Plaza on Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom.

4 out of 10 – Chris
7 out of 10 for Lauren (she liked the Mac n Cheese)

We would recommend Be Our Guest at the Magic Kingdom instead of Liberty Tree Tavern.


Art Smith homecoming review

Chef Art Smith Homecoming Kitchen Review

Location: Disney Springs

If you are looking for fantastic southern food, Florida Cracker Style, you found it.  This is real Southern Cooking and it is really good.  We loved the atmosphere, it was bright and airy.  We went for dinner and the service was wonderful.  Disney Springs has so many dining options now and we loved Homecoming kitchen.  We ordered sandwiches and burgers ($15 – $18) which was very affordable.  They do have more expensive entrees that sounded great.  This is not a bad restaurant to pay cash for instead of using the Disney Dining Plan.  This is affordable dining at Disney Springs and a welcome addition.  There is even outdoor seating and it’s very cute.  Please listen to our Mouse Chat episode for the full Chef Art Smith Homecoming Kitchen Review.

7 out of 10 for Chris
8 out of 10 for Lauren


Tutto Italia Ristorante | Walt Disney World Resort


Tutto Italia Review

Location: Epcot – Italy pavilion

We have been past Tutto Italia many times on our way to to Via Nappoli and this time we booked dinner at Tutto Italia, TWICE.  We had dinner at Tutto Italia two dinner nights and both nights we had great service and wonderful meals.  I would say, don’t order the steak.  This is an Italian restaurant and the Italian dishes and fish we all loved.  The steak was not great for the price point and three different people over the two different dinners tried the steak.  The steak was average.

10 out of 10 for Chris
9 out of 10 for Lauren


 Sanna restaurant review at Disney World

Sanna Restaurant Review

Location: Disney’s Animal Kingdom Kadani Village

Sanna is an Indian inspired restaurant at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Kadani Village Resort.  The resort is stunning and a great way to spend an evening.  Sanna is located on the ground level and has a nice view of the Savanna and you can also walk out to the Sanna viewing areas to cap off your evening.  Everyone in our party loved dining at Sanna and will be back.  For our full review of Sanna appetizers and meals, please listen to our Mouse Chat episode.

8 out of 10 for Chris
10 out of 10 for Lauren



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