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We went twice to HHN, once with the RIP Tour and once to Halloween Horror Nights with just the base ticket.  After attending HHN on back to back nights we have a full one hour review of this popular Universal Orlando Resort event.  Please be sure to listen to our HHN Podcast below, or in iTunes. Halloween Horror Nights #28 is happening from Sept 14- November 3, 2018.  Hours vary depending on what day you go.  6:30 PM open times and closes at 1 AM or 2 AM depending on the date.

Halloween Horror Nights is at Universal Studios park

Halloween Horror Nights Universal Orlando, Clowns from Outer space

Halloween Horror Nights TIP #1

If you have a Universal park ticket for the day, be in the park well before Halloween Horror Nights so when Halloween Horror Nights starts at 6:30 PM you will already be inside the Universal Studios park and waiting in one of the holding areas.  Universal will let everyone out of the holding areas before they open the main gates to the general HHN28 crowd.  There are several different areas you can wait at when the park closes for day guests and is waiting to open for Halloween Horror Nights guests.  I would say you get an extra hour before the main gates open and you ca use this time to see a few houses before the big crowds come into the park.  We went strait over to Stranger Things at 5:30 PM.  I would not do Stranger Things first again because we could have easily seen 2-3 houses in the amount of time we stood in the Stranger Things line.
Halloween Horror Nights Lights on house tour

Halloween Horror Nights TIP #2

The wait for the 10 houses can be well over an hour for each house with the popular houses possibly even having longer waits.  To help avoid this buy the Halloween Horror Nights Express Pass.  This is NOT the Express Pass that comes with your Universal Hotel, or Universal day ticket.  The HHN express pass is an add-on for Halloween Horror Nights and it gets you into the HHN Express Pass lines.  The HHN Express Pass lines run about 20-30 mins for the houses.  These were the HHN Express Pass wait times from early October.  As the event gets closer to Halloween I am sure the attractions will be even more popular .  The HHN Express Pass price changes based on the date.  If you go to Halloween Horror Nights on a week night you will save money vs going on a Friday night or weekend.

Halloween Horror Nights Universal Studios Podcast

Please listen to our full one hour Universal Halloween Horror Nights review podcast for more HHN tips, a review of the event doing the RIP Tour and also attending HHN with just a base HHN ticket. We loved Halloween Horror Nights and I personally am not a fan of scary things.  If you are looking for the premier Halloween event, you need to go to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando Resort.

Please listen to our Halloween Horror Nights review podcast here:

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