Full Virgin Voyages Review. I am back from Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady our of Miami Florida and let me tell you. You are going to want to read this review and listen to the full Virgin Voyages Podcast before booking your Virgin Voyages Cruise.

I have to say I was really leery about booking a Virgin Voyages cruise and I also just returned from a luxury cruise on Seabourn. So Virgin Voyages is a completely different bag baby.

At first I though the Virgin Voyages ship was not my cup of tea. The hallway carpeting with the vertical lines even hurt the couple in front of me looking for their stateroom. The staterooms themselves are a little on the small side if you are use to other cruiseships with a balcony stateroom set up. Also the furniture and room appointments I feel are aim towards a younger audience, which is Virgin’s market. But the staterooms have an Ikea look and feel. vs a luxury feel.

So all that said. everything else about Virgin Voyages in this review is fantastic. This is the best kept secret in cruising and once Virgin Voyages reviews start to come out I can see Virgin filling up all their ships. I have been on at least 100 cruises and hands down this was the most fun I have ever had.

Now you have to understand Virgin Voyages. This is not a high end luxury ship. This is a ship for people that want to have a great time. If that’s you. This is your cruise ship.

I cover everything is detail in the podcast here, so I will not get into the full Virgin Voyages Review in this post, but in short, Virgin Voyages has the friendliest staff I have ever met on any cruise line, the food was the best food I have ever had on a cruise ship in this price point. The food is all included, no specialty dining up charges on Virgin Voyages and I think the food is even better than the up charged restaurants say on Royal Caribbean.

Virgin Voyages has an all inclusive feel at an affordable price. Add in fantastic food, friendly staff, fun shows, and Bimini Beach Club and you have a perfect vacation.

Virgin Voyages Discounts

If you are planning a Virgin Voyages cruise, here are the latest Virgin Voyages discounts.

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