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Walt Disney World Hacks

Tips and tricks from insiders to make your Walt Disney World Vacation easier

One of our best shows backed full of Disney World tips and tricks from Disney insiders.  Our show is filled with hidden Disney park secrets that will save you time and money.

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How to save money on your Walt Disney World Park Ticket extras:

Our first Disney World hack will save you money on your Disney World tickets.  To save money on your Disney park ticket don’t add the extras like the Park Hopper, Fun and More, etc. when you book your Disney World vacation package.  If you add these extras to your Disney World vacation Package you will have to add it to everyone’s park tickets that is on the vacation package because they all have to be the same.  So if you only part of your party wants the Disney Park Hopper option, add it when you get to Walt Disney World.  You will have to add it at one of the Disney park guest service windows.  This way if two of you want to add the Disney park hopper to your tickets and two of you don’t want it, no problem.

Save Money with this Disney Dining Plan Hack:

A little know Disney hack that will save you money with Disney dining is to get the Disney Dining Plan during Epcot’s food and wine festival.  You can use a Disney Quick Service Dining Credit for three snack items instead of a quick service meal.  During Epcot’s International Food and Wine Festival you can get the food items at the different countries around World Showcase for 1 snack credit each.  You can do very well using all three snack credits at one of the food and wine pavilions instead of cashing the quick service credit in for a single quick service meal.  If you have little ones on the Disney Dining Plan you can use their quick service Disney dining plan credits also for three snacks and cash those in for higher priced Disney Food and wine food items.  Your average Disney World Quick Service meal is about $15 so you can get equal value or better trading for snacks during Food and Wine at Epcot.

You have to use all 3 snack credits at one location.  This is a nice way to share with your friends at Food & Wine.

Frozen Dessert and Ice Cream Trick:

Do you more than one kid?  I often find myself buying a Dole Whip or ice cream for both my kids and they eat half of it or less and then it’s in the trash.  You can ask to have a Dole Whip split up.  So they will put it in two cups.  Brilliant!

Disney Pin Trading does not have to cost you $100+:

Pin trading is fun but expensive.  Disney pins run about $9.00 and up and by the time you get a lanyard too and ten pins it can add up.  Our kids LOVE pin trading and what we do is we give them 8-10 Disney pins each day that they can trade with Disney castmembers.  But we buy our pins at other places like ebay.  We will by a lot of 50 or so Disney pins (make sure the seller has a good rating).  You can get Disney pins for about $1 each on ebay instead of $9 at Disney World and Disneyland.

Disney glow:

Don’t let this happen to you.  You at at Disney World and the nighttime parade or fireworks are about to start.  You have your spot that you camped out in for an hour before the show and your kids are eyeing the carts that keep coming by with all the glow and light up toys at $20 or so each.  Before you go to Walt Disney World, stop by a Walmart or shop on the internet and buy some glow necklaces or glow toys to bring with you.

Save at Disney’s Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique:

You can have your child made up like a princess at BBB, but it adds up fast.  Most people don’t know that you can jut get your hair and makeup done and bring your own princess dress.  This will save you a TON and we have done this with both of our daughters and they loved being princesses for the entire day at the Magic Kingdom.

Free Water:

There is not much free in life, but water is free at Walt Disney World and during a hot Summer day it hits the spot.  Just go up to any quick service dining location and ask for a cup of water.  Want to PLUS it up even more?  Open a Crystal Light packet from your fanny pack and BAM!

Hidden Disney World Lounges:

There is a little know secret at Epcot at Walt Disney World.  There are TWO different private lounges that you can enjoy.  The first lounge is a Chase VISA Lounge that allows Disney Visa card members to enter this lounge area over in the America Pavilion.  The lounge is a nice place to cool off and relax, have a free Coke product on a freestyle machine and plan your next attraction at EPCOT.  Also DVC members can enjoy a DVC lounge at the Imagination pavilion which also has iPads on the tables and some fun seating areas, Coke Free Style drinks are also included.

Join DVC and buy 50 points to take advantage of Disney discounts:

If you buy the minimum 50 point DVC contract (Disney Vacation Club), you can get the Disney discounts: Epcot lounge access, Top of the World Access at the Contemporary, Annual Pass Walt Disney World Discount, and some restaurant and Disney merchandise discounts.

How to get the best rooms at Walt Disney World:

We have stayed at all of the Walt Disney World resorts and also all four Disney Cruise Line ships.  There are certain rooms we like more than others at Disney World and on Disney Cruise Line.  Now remember that you can request a certain room but it’s NOT guaranteed.  If you want to know which resorts we like, which room categories, and which Disney Cruise Line staterooms or categories, please send a quote request to Pixie Vacations and as for a Mouse Chatter to help you plan and book your Disney vacation.  There is no extra cost to book with Pixie Vacations so it’s a win win and you get personal help with planning your trip.

My Disney Experience Fastpass and Dining Reservation Insurance:

Sometimes you might not be able to get internet access or your Disney World App might not load.  This can be very frustrating when you are trying to determine what Fastpass reservation you need to go to next or what time your dining reservations are.  Also sometimes My Disney Experience might go down.  It’s not common but having a back up is easy and something we tell everyone to make sure they do who travels with us at Pixie Vacations.  Just take a screen shot of your Fastpasses and dining reservations.  This way if you walk up to the ride or restaurant and for some reason they say you don’t have a reservation and you can’t find it or access it in My Disney Experience, just show them the screen shot.

Don’t rent a Disney stroller at the park:

A stroller or wheel chair can be convenient or necessary but don’t rent these at the Disney parks.  You can rent a stroller at one of many off property companies and they strollers are much nicer quality and they will drop off the stroller right at your hotel.  Please contact us and we will let you know which stroller companies can drop off at bell services and which ones you need to meet at bell services to get your stroller or ECV.  The other advantage of renting from an off property company is that you get to keep your stroller and take it with you everywhere.  It’s much easier to take a sleeping child on the bus and to the room after a long day in the Disney parks.  If you rent at a Disney park you have to turn in your stroller when you leave the park and carry your kid to the bus and then carry them to your hotel room.  Please contact a Mouse Chatter to help plan your vacation and we can book your ECV or stroller for you.


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