Why Mouse Chat Sucks

Mouse Chat Podcast iTune Reviews

Why we suck!

Yes you read the title correctly.  On this week’s Mouse Chat podcast we go to iTunes and read our bad iTunes reviews live on the air. Hmmm this ought to be fun.  Please click below or go to iTunes and download Mouse Chat to hear about the worst podcast on the internet.

BTW – I gave each of our kids lemons as a baby.  I did.  I’m not proud of it, but it was pretty funny.

Listen to our full Mouse Chat show here to listen to our bad reviews.

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Author: Steve Griswold

Steve Griswold - You can follow Steve Griswold and "The Real Life Griswold Family" here on Mouse Chat - a Weekly Disney Podcast covering everything from Disney World, Disneyland and Disney Cruise Line. Also follow the Griswold Road Trips - Disney Edition show at: www.GriswoldFamilyVacations.com and on Twitter and Instagram @GriswoldVac Media Contact: Steve Griswold Phone: 678-815-1584 Email: Steve@MouseChat.net

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  1. Just finished listening to the complaint podcast.

    I really enjoy mousechat.

    I went to WDW several times as a child and just recently started taking my young daughters to the parks. As someone who is becoming reacquainted with the parks, I find the honest reviews refreshing and appreciate that you share your Disney experiences, both positive and negative.

    Keep up the good work and I’ll keep listening.

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    • I listened to your “Why Mouse Chat Sucks” Podcast aired on 4/19/2016 and was saddened to hear the many negative comments. Unfortunately, our social media culture empowers otherwise reticent individuals to climb aboard a public vitriol platform with reckless abandon. Creating content and delivering a podcast, including one as successful as yours, is hard work. I doubt the negative commenters took any of this into consideration. There are lots of moving pieces, complicated technology components, scheduling, theming issues, and a wide and diverse audience to satisfy. Your group does all of these things exceptionally well. Your knowledge of WDW is deep, sincere, and well articulated. Your content is always fresh and peppered with humorous and personal anecdotes. Your attention to detail, especially with respect to the WDW resorts and restaurants, is above that of any other podcasts. I enjoy listening and will continue to do so. I consider you my friends. Best of luck to you all.

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  2. I found myself arguing out loud by myself in the car with some of the comments you read on today’s podcast. Your honesty is exactly why I wanted a mouse chatter to plan our trip two years ago. Of course, after my husband started listening he did question why I chose the one who drinks all the time and breaks rules ;). Now he loves Lauren as much as I do and she just planned another wonderful spring break trip for us. I will continue recommending your podcast and pixie vacations to everyone I know planning a trip!

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    • Andrea,I am glad to know that I am not the only one who was arguing out loud by myself in my car this morning listening to this podcast.

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  3. I come to you guys for your opinions and I appreciate your honesty. There are other podcasts that can be downloaded if you want to be immersed in the “magic” of Disney ( some may forget that Disney isn’t just a culture, it’s a business). I work hard to save for a Disney vacation. Therefore, I’d like an honest opinion or recommendation of what I should or shouldn’t spend my time and money on. The dynamics of your personalities work well for this podcast. Keep up the great work!

    Side note: Even though I know what Sharpie looks like, I still picture him as Olaf’s long lost cousin from the North Pole giving me fun information and making everyone crazy with his witty puns and warm hugs. Sharpie = Love

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    • Haha Sabrina, you made me laugh out loud! Thanks for the kind comment! I do like warm hugs, and some people are indeed worth melting for! Thanks, And lots of warm hugs, Sharpie

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  4. Mousechat is always a bright part of my day! I recently applied and got accepted to the college program and I cannot wait! Thank you so much for all your lovely advice and hilarious anecdotes!

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  5. Chris Wood you’re my favorite! You’re all fantastic and I think the show is great but I actually thought before this show that next time I go down to Disney I want Chris to plan my trip. Maybe it’s because I’m from Long Island and i appreciate that Tri state area honesty. I say Chris keep up the SNARK!

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  6. In order to have a great podcast, you have to talk about the negatives and positives about the parks. If not, then it is ONE sided. Keep up the great job

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  7. I listened to this podcast this morning and found myself alternately laughing and yelling at my iPad in my car. I will admit that it took listening for a few weeks before I started to get a true sense of your personalities and to feel like I wasn’t being left out of the inside jokes, but once that happened, yours quickly became my favorite podcast. I feel like I am driving to work in the mornings with my friends and we are all chatting and laughing about someplace we love, Disney. I also like that you all talk about the pros and cons of attractions, restaurants, resorts, etc. I am starting to get to know who I will agree with on things and who I will disagree with (sorry Lauren, I disagree about Rose and Crown, it is one of our favorites). I love listening for Sharpie’s puns and Steve’s stories about his childhood trip to Disney or his time as a cast member. I enjoy the snarkiness, because, as much as Disney is the happiest place on earth, it is also a big corporation/operation and nothing is going to be perfect. I want to know which restaurants have consistently had bad service but great food, etc. So, keep it up, I love listening and really appreciate your opinions and advice, even when I disagree.

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  8. It’s funny that people come to MouseCHAT, but complain that the people CHAT! You tell us up front, but some people can’t read the signs . . . or can’t read period.

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  9. I just heard today’s podcast. I have been listening for 2 months now. I work in NYC and in the fashion industry (as you can guessed it- lots of brutal honesty, some diva behavior, and we can’t forget the cocktails!) Thats why I love your podcast. You guys are honest about the park and inform me where mommy can get her drink on. I love disney but just like you I have high standards for the park. I wished I knew about your podcast last year when I planned my trip for my 4yr. But don’t fret, You guys are helping me plan my next trip. Your short cuts and tips are great. Keep it up and cheers to your haters!

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  10. I just started listening a few weeks ago and love it. Some of the negative reviews are rough! Keep doing what you’re doing. There are many more that appreciate it and I really enjoy listening to you all!

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  11. Currently listening to your Mousechat Sucks episode and it has me laughing as your podcasts do every week. I love your group and the interactions they have with each other. The humor is well blended with the news, parks updates and dining and hotel reviews. Everyone can make a comment that will play off another and you all seem to be genuine friends. I have been listening for a long time. When I first started I was listening to current episodes and going back to the beginning simultaneously. Keep doing what you are doing… It’s working!!
    Haters going to hate. Thanks for taking your time every week to entertain us and keep us informed!!! Hi to all and please say hello to Bob too!!

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  12. Listened to “Why Mousechat Sucks” tonight.
    I am a subscriber and love Mousechat.
    You are completely right, There are tons of podcasts out there on every subject. Let those who want “rainbows and sunshine” all day, every day, go find it elsewhere!
    Life is not rainbows and sunshine people!
    I prefer to hear the straight poop from folks who go to Disney often enough to know the ropes.
    I’ve been to Disney four glorious times in 50 years. I know that it is terrific, but that it also rains and that folks (young and old) melt down if they have to stand in line too long and don’t eat on time.
    Having good beta allows one to “Confront the problem. Fight!” and “Win!” (go Edna!)

    Please “Let it go” and keep on snarking!!!!

    BTW – Steve should embrace his Eeyore voice! The deadpan is perfect (and I love Eeyore!)
    Also, note to Stinky – while Disney public transport may not be the best, it generally beats driving and, if one is outgoing, provides multiple opportunities for folks to meet super nice people from across the world that they would never otherwise meet and talk with.

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  13. Hey guys,

    Been listening to the show for about a year now. I’m about halfway through this episode and had to take a moment to respond to the person who said that your show is “too negative.”

    What show are they listening to? And I also can’t believe that you “owned” up to it. Because it’s completely false.

    What’s really ironic is that I just sent an email to one of the other podcasts centered around Disney Parks ran by Tony and Parkhopper John (I’m sure you know which one I’m referring to), about how NEGATIVE their show has gotten. I mentioned that it really had turned into a Disney bashing session and I really have stopped listening to it because I always feel bad after I’ve finished. I even referenced your show and how I LOVE listening to your show because I always walk away feeling great afterward.

    So please KEEP DOING WHAT YOU’RE DOING. You present facts, news, and fun, all while having an informed opinion that isn’t mean or negative. Instead, I feel that you’re truthful and you provide evidence to back it up.

    Love the show and keep up the great work guys!

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  14. I love Mousechat! The show is fantastic and ALL of the hosts (including Chris Wood since she seems to get the most heat lol) are amazing! I love having a show that tells it as it is and doesn’t try to sugarcoat everything. It’s great having people to listen to who aren’t trying to rip you off. Thanks so much guys and keep up the great work!

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  15. Just listened to the podcast about the negative comments. I love your inside jokes and they way y’all connect with one another. I love the rabbit trails. I will actually laugh out loud while listening to the podcasts. Chris Wood, the show would never be the same without you. You crack me up. I appreciate the honest reviews & it helps me to know before hand what to expect a restaurant or resort. Keep making us laugh & helping us listeners get our “Disney fix”

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  16. You guys are well informed, funny, and generous with your time! What’s not to love? Thanks for the wonderful podcast.

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  17. Hey guys, LOVE your show. When I listen to MouseChat, it feels like we are all hanging out at the Griswalds, kicking back on the porch, Lauren brought the wine, Steve is grilling something and we’re just talking Disney. Well, you are talking, I’m just listening (it’s a medical condition). I thoroughly enjoy the way you deliver the Disney news of the day and your honest opinions and look forward to each episode. As long time Disney fans (I’ve been going to Disney parks since 1965. Yep, I’m 26) you keep me up to date on what there is to do and what may not be my cup of tea. On our last trip, we went to the character breakfast at Tusker House just because Sharpie was so pumped on it; we really enjoyed it.

    Keep up the great work! Maybe we will be able to make it to a MouseChat Meet Up some day.

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  18. I listened to the “Why Mouse Chat Sucks” episode today. I laughed at many of the complaints because they are things I enjoy about your show. I like the off subject tangents. I like your various senses of humor (even Steve’s), but I must admit I feel guilty when I laugh at Sharpie’s puns.

    What some people call negativity, I call honesty. Because of your honesty I know whose tastes I can relate to, and that helps me make better decisions. I am open to your opinions even when I disagree. Keep up the great work, and I’ll keep listening.

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  19. I thought it was very brave and “big” of you guys to record and post an episode like this. I’m a relatively new listener, so I can’t really join in with the praise or criticism. But I have (mentally) criticized other podcasts for similar things: poor audio quality, ancillary sounds (like breathing, tapping, humming, etc., etc., excessive inside jokes (unexplained) or “asides”, maximum banter with minimal fact, and other similar things. But I have not experienced these things with your podcast. It appears to me that you guys have worked very hard to polish and improve your content. I say, “Well done!” I will continue to listen!

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  20. WOW! Thank you for the helpful feedback and comments. We love putting together each weeks show and it’s nice to hear that people are actually listening and enjoying the shows.

    We are recording tonight and I am sure everyone is going to be excited after reading all of these nice comments.

    Mouse Chat

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  21. I just listened to the negative comments podcast. Sorry I took so long! However, I don’t think that there is anything for you guys to worry about. You cannot make everyone happy and shouldn’t want to. Just keep up the great work.
    Fix a certain camera, to end those pesky interruptions 😉
    And I would enjoy a video feed podcast. It would be nice to “see” you guys interact!

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  22. I love the podcast ever since I found it and can’t wait for each episode. We are going in May for my daughter’s first visit and can’t wait to see her mind blown by real life Disney princesses.
    Quick question. We purchased the Disney dining plan for our visit. If we choose to buy some food outside of that plan, so we put it on our Disney band and then just settle the bill at the end of trip? Is that the best way to handle it?
    Thanks for the entertainment

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  23. It’s hilarious to hear these complaints! I’ve listened for a couple months along with another Disney podcast and have since deleted the other one because of their dumb remarks and kept you guys because of your positive, fun outlook on Disney. Your honesty is awesome and needed for travel purposes and if I disagree with you, that’s ok! I love your podcast and will always listen! Also, your inside jokes make me laugh even though I have no idea the true meaning behind it!

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  24. Adding to my comment, y’all should sell swag. I’d buy some, since I may never get picked! ? Keep spreading the news about WDW!!

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  25. Dear Mousechat,
    Thank you for your podcast! I am a former Disney cast member and college recruiter. Your show has become one of my favorite places to get a quick Disney fix. I love you guys because, unlike most related media, you give an honest evaluation of Disney experiences and products. Like you, I already know how great Disney is, but that also makes me very aware of how it could improve. I love hearing the not-quite-there-yet along with the wonderful. Please continue giving us your news and reviews, and know that you are making life for at least some of us just a little more magical.

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