Changes to Disney FastPasses that you need to know

disney X Pass Fast Pass

Here’s what you need to know about Disney Fast Passes

1. You no longer have to pick three Disney World FastPasses.  If you want just one fastpass, you can now pick just one.  So if you are arriving late in the day and just want one or two FastPasses for that day, you can get just that.

2. Get your Fastpasses instantly.  You no longer have to go to a Disney Fastpass+ kiosk to get anther Fastpass.  Once you use your three Disney Fastpasses, you can use your App to book another FastPass.  We believe you can get a fourth fastpass then a fifth and so on.  Please post a comment below if you got a fifth fastpass.  Being able to get additional FastPasses without waiting in a kiosk line.

3. Now you can pick your FastPass rides and attractions and the times.  You no longer have to go back into the App to get teh ride times you really want.  You can pick your ride and attraction times in the App when you select the attraction.  Of course that time needs to still be available.

4. You can now Park Hop with FastPasses.  If you plan your Fastpasses correctly, now you can add additional FastPasses via the App on your mobile device.

– You must have used your original FastPasses first.
– After you use your FastPasses you can then book same day Fastpasess for another park
– If you have a very late FastPass booked it is going to be difficult to add additional FastPasses, because you have to use all your booked FastPasses before adding a new one.
– Booking same day FastPasses might not get you the E ticket rides you want, vs. reserving your FastPasses 60 days before your check in date at a Disney World Resort.

 Disney Magic Band


5. Everyone in a group can now book their own Fastpasses.  You can break up a group and also cancel individual Fastpasses.  This is nice for families with kids of different ages that can not or do not want to all ride the same rides.

6. Quick Picks.  Don’t care what you get?  You can get Quick picks and then modify the times.  You can also now get 1-3 Quick Picks.

Listen to our full Mouse Chat show here to learn about Disney World FastPasses+ change and tips.

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Author: Steve Griswold

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  1. Hey everyone! Just listened to the latest ep on fast pass changes. My trip is in two weeks and I was unhappy with my Epcot fast pass times. We’ve never done fireworks, so I had picked illuminations as one of our fast passes when I originally chose them 60 days out. (I know y’all don’t really advise fast passing fireworks but my husband’s hobby is photography, so I thought it would be nice to have a designated spot for him to set up.) The problem is that by booking illuminations, the old fast pass system assumed that meant that you would want later times on all your fast passes. We’re traveling with our 3 year old and what that doesn’t take into account is how families with little ones might want to start early, take a midday break, and return for fireworks. After listening to today’s episode, I immediately got on the app, and I was able to switch our other two fast passes to the morning and keep illuminations. Our day looks so much better now! Love the changes, so thanks for the tips, and as always, keep up the great work informing me of the changes Disney is always making! You are always the number one podcast in my heart!

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    • Thanks great! Yeah Fireworks is always a risk because it ties up your fastpasses for getting a 4th one. Glad this worked out and you could reschedule your other existing Fastpasses. 🙂

      Have a great Monday,

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  2. So I knew Chris was the right travel agent for me, but now her reference to Steel Magnolias has clarified that. My mom and I absolutely love that movie!
    Thanks so much for your awesome show guys, you keep me laughing at work and make the day go by a little faster. I love listening to the show every day!!!!

    Post a Reply
    • Thanks Shannon. It sounds like you are working with Chris on a vacation which I am sure she appreciates.
      Thank you also for listening to us on Mouse Chat.

      Have a great night,

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  3. I wish I had 2 more hands…so I could give Mouse Chat 4 thumbs up!

    The podcast has dramatically improved my workday commute through the WV hills.

    Keep up the good work!

    Post a Reply
  4. Just listened to the FP podcast. I’m very excited for the changes. It sounds like things are going to be made more user friendly. No kiosks is a big plus and the ability to use the FP and park hop is really nice. Thanks and keep up the good work.

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  5. Is this set up for DisneyWorld only? I’m not seeing how I can book FastPasses on the Disney App for Disneyland in Anaheim.

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  6. We just got back from Disney last week, and we had the chance to use the new Fast Pass system. We originally booked our Fast Passes with the old system, and while we were at the parks, the new one switched over. We found it extremely useful and felt it gave us a little more freedom in choosing our times for the rides. A few times the app failed and sent us to kiosks, but we found the lines to be MUCH shorter on this trip.

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  7. I have to choose fast passes for me and a guest in my Disney experience this Sunday (60 days out) and I’ve never done this before….when I log in and go to book the fast passes, does it default to book BOTH of our times, or do I have to click on something first so that it does or does HE have to reserve the same times along with me on a different computer at the same time? Is there anything else important I should know? Boy I wish there was a pretend practice round before the actual event!! Thanks so much, a big fan of the podcast! – Jennifer

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