What’s the worst restaurant at Walt Disney World?


Avoid this Disney World Restaurant

The Diamond Horseshoe restaurant opens its doors at Disney’s Magic Kingdom

Back in the day the Diamond Horseshoe offered lively entertainment in a western style saloon.  Today the Diamond Horseshoe reopens its doors as a family style restaurant at the Magic Kingdom.  Unfortunately the new Diamond Horseshoe falls short.  We hate to give a bad review, but we have to be honest and want to make sure you spend your hard earned vacation dollars at one of many fantastic Disney World dining locations instead.Diamond Horseshoe review

Let’s start with dinner at Diamond Horseshoe.  The food, except for the corn bread, was across the board horrible.  As each family style serving came to the table it was one disappointment after another.  For us, each item tasted pretty bad and it’s not surprising when you look at the photos of these dinner items that are served at the Diamond Horseshoe.

The Mac and Cheese dominated the table surrounded by wet, soft, cold corn on the cob.  Everyone in the party gave the corn and mac n cheese two thumbs down.

The meat platter looked unappetizing and the only meat item we liked was the turkey.  There is so much more Disney can and should do with the Diamond Horseshoe to bring it back to it’s former glory.  If Disney offered good food and a unique lunch and dinner show, they could have a sold out, popular mini Hoop-Dee-Do like show for Magic Kingdom guests that would get rave reviews.  But instead the Diamond Horseshoe restaurant is a major disappointment. magic-kingdom-diamond-horseshoe-dinner

disney-world-diamond-horseshoeDessert.  After eating hardly anything that was brought to the table, we were excited for dessert.  Nobody at our large group table at the Diamond Horseshoe ate more than one bite of the brownie dessert.  It was dry and unappetizing.

The worse part of the Diamond Horseshoe dinner experience is that all of this is going to cost you $35.00.  You can have a wonderful meal at Walt Disney World for $35 instead of this experience. So please listen to our other Disney World restaurant reviews and enjoy one of the other lovely lunches and dinners that the Magic Kingdom offers.

Have you eaten at the Diamond Horseshoe?  Did you love it or have a similar experience?   We would love your comments and review.  Please post your Diamond Horseshoe review below for others.


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Author: Steve Griswold

Steve Griswold - You can follow Steve Griswold and "The Real Life Griswold Family" here on Mouse Chat - a Weekly Disney Podcast covering everything from Disney World, Disneyland and Disney Cruise Line. Also follow the Griswold Road Trips - Disney Edition show at: www.GriswoldFamilyVacations.com and on Twitter and Instagram @GriswoldVac Media Contact: Steve Griswold Phone: 678-815-1584 Email: Steve@MouseChat.net

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  1. Hey guys! I am a DVC meber and annual passholder who LOVES almost all the food in Disney but in all my visits I have only gone to one restuarant I would never return to. When I was about 11 my family and I vistied 50s Prime Time for the first time and thought it was just okay, but we gave it a second chance about 10 years later. While the food was good we could not get past the constant pestering from the cast members. I get it – it’s part of the theme and storytelling that Disney is known for and that I love at most places but as a party of 6 adults you would think that maybe they could’ve detected our annoyance and backed off just a tad. My dad, who is a card carrying member of the clean plate club, was even getting frustrated that we couldn’t carry out one conversation without being interrupted.

    Thanks for the heads up about the Horseshoe – if I want family style I will stick to two of our favorites, Hoop Dee Doo and Garden Grill.

    Love listening!

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    • Hi Emily,

      We love 50’s Prime Time Cafe, except the one time we got service that was literally insulting. But that poor server was having a really really bad day and decided to take it out on our two large tables there to celebrate a birthday. But normally it’s great. Yeah I can see that it could get annoying and you would think they should be able to pick up on the guests vibe and turn it up and down from there.

      Thanks for listening to us each week on Mouse Chat.

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  2. thanks for writing this. So not going to go to this dive joint after reading your review! thx for posting pics as well

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    • Thanks Rob,

      Yeah, hopefully the food quality improves. We sent a large group here and the overall feel was for $35 skip it. But there are so many other great places to eat at the Magic Kingdom.

      Happy dining

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  3. Let me say that I found your podcast a few months ago and became hooked! After listening to many other Disney podcasts, yours by far is the best and offers the most well rounded information out there! Thanks for keeping me informed and giving me my weekly Disney fix.

    Also the “I would rather have a turkey leg while sitting on a hobos lap” comment made my day!

    Keep up the good work!

    Post a Reply
    • That’s so nice to hear Rebecca. 🙂
      Glad we have you as a new Mouse Chat listener.


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  4. I’m thinking that Disney may have gotten this right. Think about it- it’s supposed to be themed after a western saloon. I think they hit it out of the park! This is exactly what I would think they ate in the old west. For $35, you can dine and feel like you’re in the 1800s, bad food and all!

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    • Ha Angela,

      I know right. Well hopefully the food improves. I love the idea of the Diamond Horseshoe and there is so much that could be happening in this special venue to make it sell out each night.


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      • We just ate at the Diamond Horseshoe a couple of days ago and it was much more enjoyable than whenever the review for this location was written. Service was quick, it was cozy and some of the food options that were described as poor in the review tasted pretty good to us.

        I did notice that there was no upstairs dining so perhaps they cut down on the amount of seating in the establishment so they can focus more on cooking things right? Some of the menu items look different than what is pictured in the review so there may have been some retooling on the recipes as well.

        The turkey, beans, cornbread, beef and brownie were really great.
        The mac and cheese was still bad though.
        The rest was kind of normal.
        Coffee was very strong. I like strong so that was a delight to me. If you don’t like strong, make sure to get plenty of creamer and sugar if you order that.

        However, I am just glad I was able to eat in here again as the last time was about 30 years ago with my parents when it was still dinner and a show. So perhaps my warm memory of the place helped sweeten up the pot.

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        • Thanks DB, Hopefully it’s doing better now. Sometimes we can also hit a place on an off night too. Glad you liked it.


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  5. I am thinking of going to Columbia Harbor house and I am now canceling my reservation here so thank you. Is Columbia Harbor house good? Also how is Gastons?

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