Adventures by Disney real stories from our Disney Adventure Guide

An Adventures by Disney review through real life stories

We are with Mike Hage, an ABD guide.  Mike shares his real life Adventures by Disney stories with us on Mouse Chat.

ABD Mike Hage


Are you thinking of taking an Adventures by Disney vacation, listen to real life stories from Mike from his different adventures around the world.  You can tell by the photo Mike loves adventure as he takes a ride in the Griswold Family Truckster after our show finished taping.

One of the best things about an Adventures by Disney vacation is the time you have with family and friends bonding while seeing amazing sights around the world.  Sure seeing the Eiffel tower is fantastic, but the stories from the journey is what you remember years later.  Mike is a fantastic story teller and after listening to our Disney podcast you are going to want to pick up the photo and start planning an ABD trip of your own.  Every ABD sounds and looks amazing and the stories that Mike tells from his travels over the world really are engaging and helpful in planning the perfect adventure just right for you.

For more information about Adventures by Disney please listen to our first Adventure by Disney show with Mike (ABD Guide) here.


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