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Orlando FL Tourist Traps Revealed

Free Disney World Tickets, Timeshares, Discounted Florida Souvenirs, we cover it all on our Mouse Chat Orlando Florida Tourist Traps and how to avoid them show.

Disney Area Florida Tourist Traps.  What to avoid.

1. Timeshares / Tourist Information Kiosks – These fake tourist information booths will offer you a discount or gift card or even discount park tickets.  These are Timeshare booths that are signing you up to spend a better part of a day at a resort with high pressure sales tactics.

2. Ebay, Ticket Booths and Craigslist Disney Park Tickets – I would stay away from buying tickets to any attractions on ebay or off the street.  You have no idea if the tickets are good and could be waling up to a park and not be able to get in.

3. Gas prices around Orlando – Be careful when buying gas around Orlando.  Some gas stations right off Disney property and some close to the airport are priced much higher than your standard gas stations.  Also the Hess gas stations on Disney property actually have some of the best gas prices in Orlando.  Now Disney is in the process of changing the Hess gas station to another brand so check those out to make sure they are still offering the best gas prices.

4. Hotels on 192 (Kissimmee / ST Cloud)  – Be careful when booking a cheap hotel.  There are usually hidden fees.  Check into parking fees, daily fees, internet charges, transportation costs per person to and from the parks each day.  Add all those costs add up.  Also these hotel advertise they are just minutes from Walt Disney World.  Use a Google map from the Magic Kingdom park to the hotel to see how long the drive really is.  Also these hotels often share a bus with several other hotels making several stops.  Disney covers all transportation including transportation to and from the airport (ORL) when you stay on Disney property.  So again, add everything up to compare apples to apples.

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