You only have 24 hours at Walt Disney World

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If you only have 24 hours at Disney World, here is how to spend them

The Walt Disney World 24 hour escape

You have a business trip, a one day stay in Orlando, or just a quick stop over, here is what you should do at Walt Disney World.  From Disney parks, best places to eat, and what Disney World resort to stay at, the Mouse Chatters cover it all in this episode.


Listen to our full Mouse Chat show here for these don’t miss nighttime Disney World 24 hours escape.


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Author: Steve Griswold

Steve Griswold - You can follow Steve Griswold and "The Real Life Griswold Family" here on Mouse Chat - a Weekly Disney Podcast covering everything from Disney World, Disneyland and Disney Cruise Line. Also follow the Griswold Road Trips - Disney Edition show at: and on Twitter and Instagram @GriswoldVac Media Contact: Steve Griswold Phone: 678-815-1584 Email:

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  1. I’m a loyal mouse chat listener! Great show! My wife recently has needed to use an ECV to get around Disney. Could You maybe do a short piece on tips for going with an ECV. We have found the buses to be difficult and it limited our options last fall as far as getting around to resorts and parks. Thank you

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    • Thanks Kevin,

      That’s a great show idea. I know we went with Lisa in an ECV when she had surgery on her foot. But we had a car and I lifted the ECV in and out of the back of our SUV which was crazy but it worked. Yeah I can see how the buses can be difficult to navigate. I thought all of them had access for ECVs but I could be wrong and will have to check. We did like that Lisa could access pretty much every attraction in the parks in her ECV. I know at the Haunted Mansion we had to go up the Exit ramp and walk just a little bit to get on that ride. The castmembers were fantastic at the Haunted Mansion.


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  2. I’m a new listener and this is my new favorite episode of yours! I’ve always wanted to take a solo trip and loved hearing you imagine yours. Thanks for your awesome podcast and ideas 🙂

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  3. Very interesting takes from everyone. Since the stipulation was that you are to realistically foot the bill I would opt for the Pop. Also, I would buy a park hopper ticket. As much as I would want to visit all 4 parks I would probably limit it to AK and Epcot to increase the quality time. Breakfast at Tusker House (one of Sharpie’s favorites) followed by a possible lunch in Harambe Market. Fastpasses at Expedition Everest, Kali Raipids, and Kilimanjaro Safaris. Definitely a break at Dawa Bar for a drink (who I am kidding, several drinks). In the afternoon/evening I would go to Epcot. Maybe lunch at any of the countries, but probably fish and chips at Yorkshire County Fish Shop (along with a beer or two). Dinner would be at Biergarten or Chefs de France. My family and I loved the pizza at Via Napoli, but were very disappointed this past year. The sister eatery in Disneyland – Naples Ristorante e Pizzeria – had poor pizza as well. The 4th fastpass would be for…Test Track assuming the new Soarin is not available. BTW loved the suggestions for AoA (my favorite resort) and the Wave (love the bar). Even if I had the budget for a deluxe resort I probably would opt for a moderate or value. My rationale is that I can get the same amenities (restaurants, bars, shops, spas, etc.) as a person staying at the resort. I prefer to use the “extra” money for food/drink/gifts. I believe Chris said something to the effect of a room is only to sleep in and it isn’t worth the extra $ for a deluxe – I agree. I have been to all the deluxe resorts and have frequented the bars (an no it wasn’t only for the drinks, but also for the appetizers) at each!

    Love this episode (but it does hurt knowing I can’t visit for a while 🙁 ), but next time how about giving a budget ($2000?) and have each Mouse Chatter decide what to do with it? Thanks so much for your podcasts, periscopes, and humor!

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    • Hey Jon,

      Wow you have it all planned out. Yeah we should do a budget show with a specific dollar amount and write it out.

      I’ve done Disney sleeping in my car as a collage kid and going to the Grand Floridian or top Disney resorts. I love it each time on every budget I plan out.

      Thanks for listening to Mouse Chat

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  4. I just found your podcast and I am super excited for all the info! I think you guys are super funny and I am loving listening! We are planning our first vacation to Walt Disney later this year! I never even knew about booking with an agent, so it doesn’t cost anything more to book through you guys? I am interested…

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    • Hi Jennifer,

      I love your music. Yes we would love to help plan your Vacation. Just go to and fill out the Quick quote form. You can pick a Pixie or a Mouse Chatter from the Agent drop down list when filling out your quote request. Then you can have Lauren, Chris or Sharpie, or another Pixie work with you one on one to plan the perfect vacation. You are correct, it’s free. There is no cost to work with us and we monitor all the latest Vacation deals to make sure you are booked on the vacation package that is just right for you.

      Your pixie agent is going to then help you plan your dining, give you expert advice and make sure you have a wonderful vacation. They do all this just for booking with us and there is no increase in price for you at all.

      BTW – We can plan ANY vacation you like. Universal Studios, Sandals Resorts, Beaches Resorts, All Cruise Lines, Disney World, etc. All at no extra cost.

      Have a great day

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  5. This was one of my favorite shows so far. You guys crack me up. You inspired me to plan my 24 hour fantasy solo trip.

    I have an AP so I would be hopping.

    1st Park MK for RD/ Welcome Show.
    Breakfast Gastons Cinnamon roll and Hot cocoa or LeFou’s Brew
    Ride All the Mountains
    Take the Boat to the Poly and grab a Dole Whip ( second breakfast) while strolling through grounds on the way to TTC.
    Hop on the monorail to Epcot.
    Epcot. Ride Soarin and Space Ship Earth.
    Lunch snack and drink around the world including a margarita in Mexico and a ride on the Mexico Boat Ride with Donald while buzzed.
    Hop on the Boat over to HS.
    See How many times I can ride ToT. Maybe ride Star Tours too.
    Afternoon snack I’ve always wanted to check out that outdoor bar at Brown Derby. So I would get an appetizer and a drink from there.
    Take a Bus to Contemporary Dinner Reservation at California Grill again appetizers dessert and drinks. Watch Wishes from Cali Grille
    Walk over to MK for EMHs ride HM and Jungle Cruise at night.
    End the night with a Mickey Bar on Main Street waiting for the Kiss Goodnight.
    Walk back to Contemporary where I am staying at BLT in a studio ( can never stay there with the family too cramped in those studios)
    Wake up and hop on the monorail to Poly for some Tonga Toast for Breakfast from Captain Cook’s TO GO so I can catch my Magical Express ( or just take a cab to the airport so I can enjoy those last Disney Moments. )

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    • Wow

      Chris is the queen of these 24 hour trips and now it seems she has a following. 🙂
      Your 24 hour Disney World trip sounds amazing. If you do it please post photos and a write up.


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  6. Hey guys, love the show! I just got back from WDW about three weeks ago and can’t wait to go back. My brother works in Animal Kingdom and although it’s a bit of a mess right now, I can definitely see how it could be great in a few months. Do you think they should get rid of Dinoland or at least heavily renovate it? My big issue with it is that it just doesn’t seem very Disney. The Dinosaur ride is great but the little theme park type setup they have next to it seems a little cheesy and doesn’t live up to par with the quality of everything else at Disney. It’s like a mini weekend carnival you would find near your home during the summer. Thoughts? Thanks for all the tips!!

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    • Hi Aidan,

      I think you are correct that Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park is heading for something amazing. In 2017 with Disney Avatar land I think that will really move Animal Kingdom park into the full day park arena.

      So Dinoland. I agree with you that it’s cheesy and ca carnival like. It’s not my favorite land but I just drove 10 days across America in the Griswold Family Truckster from the Vacation movie. I can tell you that after spending 10 days in July on route 66 with my family that Dinoland is spot on. Dinoland is everyplace I stopped at on our family road trip along route 66. It’s all those cheese family attractions and shops that make a family road trip something you will remember for the rest of your life. Yeah we broke down three times in the desert and the car caught on fire, but that makes for fun memories.


      You can see our road trip across America here:

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  7. I recently found your podcast on iTunes and love it! I really appreciate that it is a fun and family friendly podcast, as my son loves to listen with me. He especially enjoys listening to Sharpie. Like Sharpie, we love Animal Kingdom Lodge and Animal Kingdom Park. We are hoping to return to Disney this fall, and we were considering trying for the first time, a Disney tour. I have read about the Evening Safari or Wild Africa Trek. Does anyone have an experience with one of these (or another) Disney tour centered around Animal Kingdom Safari? I would love to hear your thoughts and reviews. Thank you!

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  8. Absolutely obsessed with Mousechat! i love you guys and you always make me laugh– it’s a great day at school when I can turn on an episode while grading papers.
    This “disney alone” episode was one of my favorite in some time– although I miss Steve terribly. I cannot stop thinking and planning about going solo, which has been driving my boyfriend crazy. I love these shows with the hypothetical Disney situations, and it always keeps the parks fun and interesting. Keep it up guys 🙂

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    • Hi Jessica,

      I glad you missed me 🙂 and taking a Disney World solo trip is a fun idea too.


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  9. Recently started listening to your podcast, and shortly after I listened to this episode I found myself in this exact situation described by this episode! Well.. I have closer to 33hdrs at disney, 11am – 9pm the next day. As a lifelong Disney lover (I got married there last year!), I decided I would try to do a couple things that I normally wouldn’t do, and splurge for myself! Here’s my plan:

    Arrive at 11ish (check in and ditch the car).
    Lunch at Skipper Canteen. Hang out in MK until approx 6pm
    Then check out the Top of the World Lounge in Bay lake Tower (I’ve been wanting to go ever since we got DVC, but my husband has been stubborn!). Grab some light snacks and a drink then head to AK!
    Do the night stuff (I got FPs for River Rapids, Everest & Safari). While there check out Nomad Lounge and eat some more!
    Depending how tired I am I might head over to Disney Springs for some more drinks!

    Next morning:
    Grab a smoothie at the hotel, then head to HS for EMH (not sure what my top first ride will be, probably rockin roller coaster, although I love tower of terror!)
    Lunch Reservations at Brown Derby (I will finally try this Cobb Salad!)
    Then over to Epcot to ride the new Frozen ride (thankfully I have FP for this!)
    Grab a quick dinner wherever my stomach takes me in epcot, and then head out!

    I’m still trying to find some time to squeeze in at the pool (and maybe I will if I arrive early that Saturday!)

    Thanks guys for the episode giving me the courage to go alone!

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    • Wow Shelly you have your Disney World trip all planned out and it sounds great. I love your food choices. Let us know how your trip goes. Hopefully you managed to work with a Mouse Chatter to book this for you. If so we would love to hear how everything went with the planning and booking.

      Have a great time at Disney,

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